“Rainy Days and Mondays”

Yeah, it’s been another of those days. Rainy and miserable. And not much change in store for the week. But for a brighter note there was a cardinal in the (still leafless) maple tree in my back yard this afternoon, and his song was just the cheery counterpoint I needed.

Only one more day and then I have six days off. My staffing agency called this afternoon to see if I wanted to work on Wednesday, even if only half the day. (Wednesdays are my scheduled days off.) I have a doctor’s appointment first thing in the morning, though, and an “exercise pulse oximetry test” later in the morning, and since I don’t know how long that will take I had to turn them down. I’m not sure what happened to the nurse that is supposed to be there on Wednesdays, but not my problem.

Writing in 100 word segments is still working well for me, except that sometimes I feel like I’m losing the thread of the story and going off on a tangent. That can be fixed in editing, I suppose, and as long as I remember to trust the process it will all turn out all right. Who knows? I might like the tangent better than the planned version.


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