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Sunday Snippet, April 17, 2022


Picking up from last week’s post from a fantasy WiP tentatively titled Wild Worker.  By the way, if anyone has missed previous posts and is curious, just use the calendar in the upper right over there to navigate to them.

She frowned. “Isn’t there a cult that says the same thing about women?”

“Yes, there is,” her father replied with some annoyance. “But they at least feel that women have a place.”

Ciana snorted. “Yeah. At home, cooking, cleaning, and raising their children. Isn’t there a happy medium somewhere?”

“I didn’t say I agreed with them, just acknowledged that they existed.” He sighed as he opened the back door to the shop and motioned for her to enter and go up the stairs to their home. “Just promise me that you won’t talk about the Cult of Shenaria, not even in passing, not even in jest, and especially not at The Lucky Hammer.”







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