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Another Rainy Monday

I know it’s kind of trite, but today’s weather really does match my mood. Or maybe my mood matches today’s weather?

No, definitely the first option. Six glorious days of (mostly) being home, and tomorrow it’s back to work. Gloomy, rainy, snowy, cold weather definitely matches my mood.

Not even chocolate holds the cure for the back to work blues.

Writing-wise, I did miss one day of the 100 words a day goal because I wasn’t feeling well, but I wrote 200 the next day and have been back on track since, although my focus has currently shifted from Song and Shadow to Wild Worker. I’m sure it will shift back soon enough, but meanwhile I really need an outline for Wild Worker since it has to mesh with an already started second book in the… trilogy? series? And having just looked at the other book (to try to figure out what season it is) I’m thinking there’s going to be a lot of fixing needed.


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