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Disaster Day

If there was ever a day that needed a do-over, it’s today.

First our bus broke down on the way back from the school. Driver thinks the serpentine belt broke because he had no power steering and almost no brakes while going down a steep winding hill. He managed to get us safely stopped and off the road, and another bus picked us up and brought us back to the garage. We’re using an “extra” bus and as of the way back from the school this afternoon our regular one was still sitting where we left it.

Also this afternoon the driver took a sharp curve too fast (as usual) and centrifugal force threw me out of my seat and onto the floor between the rows of seats. To say I’m in pain is an understatement. My left flank hurts so bad… especially if I cough, take a deep breath, or move. Driving is not fun right now.

Neither is typing which is why nothing is getting written tonight.


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