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Sunday Snippet, December 10 2017

Returning to Song and Sword for a while, until I decide on something else to torture you with.

“What’s wrong?” Pashevel asked. They were walking side by side along a mountain road that led through a forest, sunlight filtering through freshly opened leaves, their unicorns ambling beside them. “You’ve been… tense and edgy for the past week or more.”

“We’re too close to Drow territory,” Marlia burst out. “The raids… Please, Pashevel…”

“Mar –” Pashevel’s response was cut off as the unicorns suddenly stopped and tossed their heads, fidgeting nervously.

“What is it, Sonata?” Pashevel reached for her horn but only got a sense of unease, that something was not right. He looked over at Marlia who seemed to be receiving a similar message. 

“It’s nothing that they are seeing or hearing,” she said. 

“Let’s mount up,” he said tersely, and she nodded.

They were barely in their saddles when both unicorns charged forward in a full gallop, racing along the road as if demons were about to leap from behind the trees and eat them alive. Neither animal slowed until they burst from the tree cover and into open air. They stopped and stood, trembling, still tense, as their riders surveyed their surroundings.  




Song and Sword cover

Pashevel: a simple Elven Bard — and the Crown Prince

Marlia: a Paladin of Arithen, the Elven God of Justice – seeking vengeance for the destruction of her village

Dakkas: heir to the Drow throne — if his father and elder half-brother don’t kill him first

Kashrya: raised among a tribe of nomadic Humans, she is unaware of her true heritage — or of the prophecy that made her mother an outcast

Their goal: build a bridge between the Elves and their outcast brethren, the Drow, reuniting them and undoing the damage caused in a time so far gone that history has become legend and legend has become myth.

But first, they have a problem to solve:  how do you stop a war that hasn’t started?

Available for Kindle at Amazon

and at Smashwords for everything else


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Rainbow Snippet for 12-9-2017

rainbow logo 1

Rainbow Snippets is a group for LGBTQ+ authors, bloggers, and readers to gather once a week and share six sentences from a work of fiction–a WIP or a finished work or even a 6-sentence book recommendation (no spoilers please!).   Check out all the other awesome snippets by clicking on the picture above.

I’m posting excerpts from Doll, a little F/f BDSM story that I started back in January of 2014 for Siobhan Muir’s Thursday Threads Flash Fiction Challenge. It got a little over the word limit, but I liked it, so decided to keep it as the start an eventual novel. Maybe.

I don’t normally write in first person so I have no idea how this happened.  I’m blaming the writing prompt.

I also don’t normally write non spec-fic.

I also have no idea where this is going. It was and will probably continue to be) written in snippet form. (I was writing a few lines a week back then for another snippet group.)

We weren’t given a choice.

Not that we wanted one.

I dared a quick glance at the others who knelt beside me. 

To my left was Lissa: waist-length black hair, almond shaped light brown eyes, high cheekbones, olive complexion – she was an exotic beauty and she knew it, and the black leather collar with its brass studs and rings did nothing to diminish her haughtiness. She was here to learn her place, to learn to submit – to submit fully, not just when it pleased her to do so.

To my right was Jake: perfect bronzed body, sandy brown hair, hazel eyes – he was certain that he would become the favorite, and wore the collar as if it was some sort of prize that he had won. He was here hoping to earn a permanent place in the household – preferably in the owner’s bed.   

Me? I’m not important. Just call me Doll. The plain leather collar around my neck rankled; it wasn’t what I normally wore. 







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While trying to decide where to start working on The Academy of the Accord I discovered that I had parts of it in two or three different folders and running loose on my desktop. (I couldn’t decide if I wanted to start with entering the changes to Book 5 or working on Book 5.5, so I ended up settling on a two pronged approach: entering changes until my eyes bleed and then trying to pull together the stuff from other books that will comprise the new book until I’m read to cry.)

But I also really need to organize my Word docs. I have too many things started and they all need to be sorted out and given better names. I also had two files with basically the same name. *sigh* (In addition to having trouble naming people, towns, and books, I can’t seem to name Word docs, either.)

The problem with trying to organize all of them, of course, is that I would have to open them all to see what they are, give them better names, and find some way to sort them into categories that make sense so that I can find them again when I want or need them.  And that, of course, leads to having to read them which leads to getting caught up in them which leads to this being nothing more than another form of procrastination.

On the other hand, my computer is getting more and more difficult on a daily basis, frequently freezing up and “not responding,” so having nice clean crisp versions of everything backed up in my gmail might be worth it for the peace of mind.  (And if I devote the rest of the month to that project I might get it done by the new year.)

And having a more usable filing system on my computer wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Decisions, decisions…

I suppose I could work on a three pronged approach: enter changes, create new book, and back up a set number of files every day.

That sounds almost as bad as my original plan to add 100 words to Onyx Sun, Song and Sight, and the Academy of the Accord prequel every day, although I suppose it is somewhat more useful.




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Wednesday Words #154 (12/6/2017)

Welcome to Wednesday Words!  Every Wednesday I will post some sort of prompt for a flash fiction piece.  The prompt will go live just after midnight Eastern time.

The prompt might be a picture, or it might be a list of things to include in a story, or maybe a phrase or a question or something from a “news of the weird” type thing, or a… who knows?

After that, it’s up to you.  But if you do use the prompt to write a bit of flash fiction (say, 500 words or so) I’d love to see what you came up with, so comment below with a link to where it is on your blog (or on WattPad or wherever).

(And a pingback to the post here where you found the prompt would be appreciated but isn’t necessary.)

Oh, and this isn’t a contest or anything.  It’s just a (hopefully) fun thing for all concerned.

And, hey, if it inspires more than 500 or so words, run with it!

This week’s prompt:

a wooden shoe
an intruder

And, as always, I’d love to see what you come up with!



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I’m Still Here

Yes, I missed a few posts (three, to be exact) but I’m still here.

Let’s see… I missed Friday’s post because… Well, because… Let’s see.

I validated NaNoWriMo on Thursday. It wasn’t a pretty win, and the story is a long way from finished but I hit 50K.  Then I started working on Friday’s blog post but didn’t finish it. (I was kinda sick of the computer and Word at the time.)

Friday was a little chaotic. Jazzy, our 13 year old Boxer had surgery to remove a mole that had changed and that she had scratched at and got infected, as well as a mast cell tumor on her hind leg (malignant but not life-ending). She had to be there between 7:00 and 7:30 in the morning and we picked her up a little after 2:00 that afternoon. Then my roommate went to work and I stayed downstairs to keep an eye on her. (She pretty much slept the rest of the day but our male Boxer wouldn’t let me stay up in my room with her down there alone.) So, everything else pretty much took a back seat to dog needs on Friday, and no Friday blog post got done, and I also didn’t schedule a snippet for Rainbow Snippets.

Saturday someone was supposed to come and re-route the pipes to the kitchen sink so they don’t freeze up in the winter. So I was up early to get laundry done before we shut off the water main, cleaned the kitchen, moved half of the stuff out of where it belongs so he could access the places he needed to get to… And he canceled.

(I’m actually glad he canceled. Jazzy was still out of it (although she looked a lot less “stoned” than she did on Friday) and she wants to “help” with whatever project you’re doing and the last thing we need is for her to pull her stitches out running up and down the steps fifty times.)

My roommate picked up an extra half-shift for Saturday and Sunday, so I spent Saturday evening downstairs with the dogs as well, although Jazzy slept all evening (she never left the couch from the time she left until she got home), and Riley, who wouldn’t let me stay upstairs on Friday kept fussing for me to go upstairs on Saturday. But anyhow, I didn’t get a Sunday Snippet scheduled either.

Then a fair amount of Sunday was spent catching up on three weeks of Rainbow Snippets blog hops that I didn’t do because of NaNoWriMo. (I didn’t quite make it but I’m hoping to get them finished this afternoon.)

But, frustrating though it has been, there is something of a bright side to all the non-computer time. It’s given me time to think about my writing and what I want to focus on now that NaNoWriMo is over.

There are so many things I should be doing: Onxy Sun, Song and Sight, The Other Mages trilogy, a hundred or so other WiPs…

But I realized where my heart is, and that is with The Academy of the Accord. If I want to release it in 2020 I’d better get busy on it. I still have to finish writing the prequel (my NaNoWriMo project) and Book 5.5 (which will be Book 6 when I get everything renumbered).  I’ve done the first round paper edits on all of the other books, and I think that the next one up for entering changes from those edits is Book 5, which means I have eight finished first drafts to enter changes on. (And some are a lot worse than others.) Also, I really can’t do much with two of the books after Book 5 because Book 5.5 is taking parts of them. (I’m going to cry now.)

I don’t think I’m setting any actual goals for this month – maybe to enter the changes to Book 5 – but I will be focusing on The Academy of the Accord, at least for the foreseeable future. I might poke at adding bits and pieces to Onyx Sun or Song and Sight or something else if I feel the urge, but most of my focus will be with the never-ending series.

I’m sure I’ll get burned out on it and need to take a break to do something else. It’s awesome to have other projects waiting for me when that happens.





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