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I Spoke Too Soon…

Remember on Monday when I was bragging about staying upright for an entire weekend? Well…

Tuesday got too warm for my jacket so I took it off. Carrying it into the house, I hung it on the porch rail for a moment as I climbed the step – only to catch my foot on it, trip, and face plant on the front porch.


When I was a kid I earned the nickname “Crash.” It seems to have come back to haunt me.

Writing continues slowly. Working on three stories at once is challenging, even though two of them only get worked on one day a week. I kind of like them as a break from the main one. (And my accountability partner is currently seriously hating the FMC’s father. I love it when people hate characters that deserve it. And she doesn’t even know how much he deserves it yet!) (And the conspiracy theories she’s spinning in the main WiP would make Q-Anon look tame.)

So, yeah, I’m having much fun writing.

And I have to admit, though, that without an accountability partner, a lot less writing would have been getting done lately.

And I’m still (somehow) staying caught up with NaPoWriMo.

I kind of miss doing Camp NaNo this month, but I really think that not doing it was a good decision. There’s just too much going on health-wise at the moment and some days it’s all I can do to keep up with the 100 words.


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