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Sunday Snippet December 18, 2016

Twelfth month, twelfth book of The Academy of the Accord series, bringing us to the end of a year of The Academy of the Accord.  I’ll still be working on editing, but probably not posting much from it until it’s ready to release.  That was going to be 2018, but don’t anyone hold your breath – there’s still a lot of work to do on this series and I’m now rather optimistically hoping for 2020.

I had a really hard time deciding what to post from this book.  Parts of this book have several different versions, so I have no idea if this will make it into the final version or not, but…

Skipping ahead a bit from last week. Brythel has brought Jorsen and Autheren back to the school to get Autheren’s spider bite tended to.  Brythel has gone ahead to alert the healer on duty, Jorsen following more slowly, carrying Autheren.


The infirmary was flooded with light and Jorsen’s heart sank as he saw Dovrek  standing next to a bed.  He couldn’t deal with the healer’s attitude tonight, but he took a deep breath and tightened his grip on Autheren as he crossed the room; for his wizard, he would try.

“Brythel tells me it was a murti bite?”

“Yes, sir.  And a poultice of democ didn’t help,” he said, lowering the apprentice gently onto the bed and brushing his hair back to show the bite.  “He’s been feverish and getting weak.  Bry said he was starting to convulse so he put him under a stasis spell.”

“Boy’s got a good head on his shoulders.”  He frowned, observing the bite mark.  “When did it happen?”

“The day before yesterday.”

Dovrek nodded and reached out his hand.  A small knife floated to it and he made a quick cross cut in the bite mark and squeezed.  A thick vile-smelling blackish green pus oozed out.

“Iprain!” he bellowed.

The red-headed healer stepped out of another room.  “The drawing poultice is almost done,” he said mildly.  “It needs to cool a bit.”  He gave Jorsen a wink. 

“We need some tincture of bernisen too,” Dovrek said. “He’s had a bad reaction to the venom.”

Iprain nodded and motioned for Jorsen to come to him.  “Keep stirring this,” he said, nodding toward a bowl.  The stewed herbs in it didn’t smell much better than the pus that Dovrek had squeezed from Autheren’s wound and Jorsen made a face, but picked up the wooden spoon.  

Iprain chuckled and clapped him on the shoulder.  “Welcome to the wonderful world of Healers,” he said with a wink.  “Just stir gently, bringing the stuff from the bottom up to the top to help it cool. I’ll be right back.”

Selecting a bottle from a shelf he turned and left the room.  Jorsen ached to be out there too, holding his wizard, but at least now he was doing something that would help him.

He heard voices from the main room and nearly sobbed with relief as he recognized Wellhym’s.  The captain had been the first person to ever fully believe in him and knowing he was there made him feel as if everything would finally be all right.



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