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New Projects

Guess what I did!

I started putting together a new blog, because, you know, I’m kinda crazy.  It’s on Word Press (of course!) and it’s going to be about our Boxers, Jazzy and Riley.  (And any future wiggle butts that wiggle into our hearts and home.)

I say “going to be” because there’s no content there yet.  I need to get some written, for one thing (it’s started) and I need to get a good image for the banner. Hopefully by Friday I’ll have something up and running on it.  My roommate is going to be helping with content on it so it won’t be all on me.

While deciding on a template for it I found another that I really liked (but that isn’t appropriate for it) and I want to play around with it when I get some time (maybe this week) and see what I can do with it.  I won’t be changing this blog’s template – I like the format and think it’s easy to navigate (would love feedback on that, by the way – do you all think it’s an easy blog to find your way around on?) – but I will be maybe doing yet another side project because that template just looks like way too much fun not to use. It will (I think) be writing related – or maybe crafts.  I’ll keep you posted.

(See what happens when I don’t set myself any writing goals for the month?)

In other odd news, I wanted one of my traveler’s notebooks the other day and it wasn’t in the case I keep them in. Most of the rest were missing from it as well.  For some reason that I don’t remember I had taken them out of there and put them into one of my messenger bags. Apparently I was planning to take them somewhere for some reason? Maybe to work so I could set them up in my downtime? I have no idea but I think they’re going to go back to their case while I search for my mind that I seem to have lost.

(I also found the debit Visa that I use for online purchases. I thought I lost it while cleaning papers out of my computer hutch but apparently I put it in the back of my checkbook so I wouldn’t lose it.)


I’m hopeless, I’ll admit it.



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