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Are we really only four days into the new year? I’m already re-thinking some of my goals, mostly ones related to how much I can realistically get done on work days. (Imagine that! A fantasy writer falling back on reality!)

And since I just picked up three more shifts this week… (Yay for the checkbook; boo for everything else…) Yeah, some things are going to have to change a bit.

I’m pretty sure that the goals for the year (at least the writing ones) will stand as written (more on that on Friday) but the daily ones are going to have to be red-penned. So, it seems my goals are a work in progress as well.

Speaking of a work in progress, I have at least managed to write 100 words a day every day so far. I’m working on Song and Shadow, the prequel to Song and Sword. Some of the dialogue (most of the dialogue!) is pretty cringe-worthy, but it’s a first draft so I’ll forgive it. I’m posting from it in the Snippet Sunday group on FB to help keep me motivated, and I’m posting from Onyx Sun in the Rainbow Snippet group on Saturdays, to hopefully keep me motivated on finishing the current round of edits.

So, anyhow, the point (moral?) of this post (if there is one) is to not be afraid to “adopt, adapt, and improve.” (And can someone tell me if that’s from Monty Python? I’m thinking that it is but I’m not certain.)

I do know that it’s a lesson that I really need to learn to apply to my own life. I tend to have an “all or nothing” attitude toward some things, and a somewhat inflexible attitude toward my goals. That combination means that if I don’t reach a goal I say, “screw it” and go straight to “nothing” mode since “all” didn’t happen.

Something for me to work on…


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