Sunday Snippet, August 2, 2020

Switching gears to my Camp NaNoWriMo project.  Song and Sight is a sequel to Song and Sword (but true to form, I think there’s another book that has to come between the two of them. Someday I’ll write a series in order, but today is not that day.)

This is from the preface and is picking up from last week:

“And another thing,” Evisha went on, “I’d take all of their females and lock them away and start my own breeding program.”

Nisham nodded mindlessly. He’d heard all of this before too.

“And that traitor Sutag. I’d find a special torture for him. He has a daughter. Maybe I’d make her a breeder and make him watch.”

Another shiver ran through Nisham but Evisha didn’t notice, too caught up in her hatred to pay attention.

Not that she ever paid attention to him.

Nisham had been born in the breeder pens. He was supposed to be a half-breed, one of the half trolls that Zheh’athi used as shock troops, but he had been sired by one of the Drow slavers and had been born prematurely: weak and sickly he had been discarded, thrown out to die.  

Evisha had found him, and for reasons known only to herself, had taken him in and raised him, keeping him hidden from the guards that would have killed him as not being worth keeping or selling. Part of him was grateful, but he wished he knew why she had done it. She did nothing out of kindness, nothing without some sort of ulterior motive, nothing without some sort of gain for herself.


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