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Sunday Snippet January 8, 2017


I decided to still post from the twelfth book of The Academy of the Accord series.  This is something that I’m pretty sure I’m going to cut, but I like it too much to just let it disappear, so it will probably be transformed into a side story or something.

So, more of Jorsen and Autheren, but this is from the start of the book, before the spider incident that I posted about last month.

Jorsen took Autheren home with him for the summer and the two of them went on a sailing trip up the coast for a few days. A storm blew in and they’ve taken shelter for the night in a cave on the cliff. I’m picking up from last week’s snippet.

“They favor archery…” Autheren’s breath caught as he looked back at the silhouetted figure. “An Afiani.”


“I can hear you.”  The voice was light, almost musical.

“I never said you couldn’t.”  Jorsen sat up slowly.  “We did not mean to intrude on your territory.   We had to seek shelter from the storm.”

“I know.  I watched you come ashore last night.

Jorsen relaxed slightly. There was no immediate threat; if the Afiani had intended them harm they would have been attacked in their sleep.

“We’ll be on our way as soon as the storm clears,” he promised.

“Not today.  The sky is red.”

He nodded.  “I’m Jorsen,” he said hesitantly.  “And this is Autheren.”


She jumped lightly down from the boat and stood, watching them but holding her distance.


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