One of my first counted cross stitch projects was a sign that my mother hung on the fridge.  It said, “Yagottawanna.”

And it’s true.  No matter what it is…


I can’t tell you how many people have told me that they want to write a book, but they don’t have the time.

Seriously?  Every minute of every day is filled with something? You never have any down time?
Well, no…
So what do you do with your free time?
Watch TV.
Uh-huh.  Turn it off and write.
But I’ll miss my favorite show.


Look, it’s simple.   Really it is.
If you want to write — write.
If you don’t — don’t.
But don’t say you want to and then make excuses why you can’t.  You have the time — you just have to choose how to use it.

In other words…


Get a calendar book that divides the day up hour by hour and write down what you do all day.  I’m willing to bet you could find time to write — even 100 words a day — but…


And, yeah, maybe you need to be a little bit selfish but that’s okay.  We all need time for ourselves.  We deserve time for ourselves.  But…


Want to get into the habit of writing daily?  Check out 750words.com .  It tracks your daily word count and your streak (I’m at 767 consecutive days as of this writing) and gives all kinds of fun info when you finish for the day.  (It’s also excellent practice for NaNoWriMo — work on doing 750 words a day, then 1000. Then 1500.  Then NaNo’s 1667 words per day to hit 50k in 30 days isn’t nearly as scary of a thought.)

But again…



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3 responses to “yagottawanna

  1. MAOM7

    Very good. I’m going to share this with my writing group. I tell people all the time that giving up television was the best thing I ever did for my writing. I am no longer short on time… :)

    • Thanks for reading — I’m glad you liked it. I printed yagottawanna in a fancy font all over a page, printed it on card stock and cut out as bookmarks (or refrigerator magnets if they preferred) for my writing group.

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