How Busy Is Too Busy?

My face is exploding – the weather must be getting ready to take a nose dive, just in time for what is promising to be a busy week.

Today: organize tax paperwork, and make some phone calls. (Ugh to both things.)

Tuesday: nothing planned. (How did that happen?)

Wednesday: second part of my TB test and get my car inspected and renew my driver’s license. (That’s why nothing is planned for Tuesday – it all moved to Wednesday!)  And Pagan Coffee Night that night.

Before then I need to finish a couple de-cluttering projects in my bedroom.

Thursday is my birthday, and the start of The Month of Love on Thursday Threads.  (It’s really tough for a NaNo’er to condense a story down to 250 words, but I’m looking forward to the challenge and to wrangling the plot bunnies that hop out of these things.)

Then on Friday Love Spanks weekend starts.  

And next Monday I have orientation for my new job, at which point I will hopefully find out what my schedule is going to be.

And of course all of this hits just as I have finally figured out how to solve a plot point in Book One of The Other Mages trilogy.

Nothing makes you want to write more than being too busy to do it.   Being too busy to write is also a great way to break through a block that’s been puzzling you for a week or more.

But on the other hand, there’s no such thing as “too busy” – you just “gottawanna.”



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4 responses to “How Busy Is Too Busy?

  1. mikeakin1

    I am so disorganized! lol

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