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It occurred to me the other day that blogging is very self-centered.  You’re writing about yourself, your thoughts, your projects, etc.  And you hope that someone else reads your posts and finds them — and you — at least remotely interesting.

But isn’t all writing like that?

You write your words — create your worlds, your characters, your stories — and you hope that someone else reads them and finds them interesting, and maybe even loves them as much as you do. (Or at least likes them a little.)

And self-centered?  You betcha!

Writing is a very selfish activity.  It’s done by yourself and for yourself.  What could be more selfish than that?

Writers seem self-absorbed, but really, we aren’t absorbed in ourselves so much as in our work.  Ever get irritated when you’re wrapped up in a good book and get interrupted?  It’s the same thing for a writer when we’re on a roll in a scene, only worse:  it’s  harder for us to get back into that groove.

(On the other hand, we’ll love you forever if you interrupt us while we’re staring at the brick wall of writer’s block — then we can use the interruption as an excuse.)

I think that the self-centeredness is one of the things that prevents people — especially women — from writing.  Taking time to do something for yourself when there are others to take care of — that’s some sort of crime against humanity, isn’t it?

One of the best things about NaNoWriMo is that it gives you permission to take that time for yourself.  If only for one month you can say, “I need to do this — for me.”

And who knows?  Maybe after that month is over and the world still exists…. Maybe… Just maybe… You’ll continue to take that time for yourself.

You should.

Your self deserves it.


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