June Goals On Track

So far my month is off to a great start as far as goals are concerned. (Yes, I know it’s only the fourth. Little wins are important!)

I managed to do both blog hops this weekend, and I have posts scheduled for one of them for the rest of the month. (My next day off is Tuesday so I’ll set up and schedule the other snippet posts then.) I have the Wednesday Words posts scheduled too.

And I decided on my project for Camp NaNoWriMo next month. I’ll be trying to finish the first draft of Hedge House, an urban fantasy (paranormal?) novel I’ve been working on (or not working on as the case may be) for a while now.

I just finished reading through it (and will be posting snippets on Sundays for the foreseeable future) and I’m pretty sure that I can wrap up the story next month. I need an outline, though.

Rather, I need a new outline.

See, I had an outline. I had a really nice outline with lots of details and…

And any chance of getting back to it lies somewhere between “nonexistent” and “a snowball’s chance in hell.”

So I’ll be working on some sort of outline that picks up from where the story currently leaves off. Not that I expect it will be followed (I still can’t quite figure out where the old one got derailed. I mean, everything in the previous outline happened, just not quite where and when planned.) but just so I have some idea of where I’m going.







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4 responses to “June Goals On Track

  1. For a moment I feared your outline lost to a computer glitch. Ugh… Good on you for making and keeping goals! I decided I’m not a novelist, published or otherwise, and plan to just write whatever short story material comes to mind in July. Oh, that reminds me, I intended to read what I wrote in April at the start of this month. Thanks! ~goes to read~ Be well and Happy Writing!

    • I usually print my outlines so I can scribble notes in margins and draw arrows and cross things out and renumber things and… Anyhow, losing an outline would be the least of my problems if there was a computer glitch.

  2. Would you like to join us in the End of the Rainbow cabin this July? I’ve just created it. I’m about to start inviting people. Spaces are being saved for people who asked way in advance, but there’s room for you and I’d love to have you with us if you’re willing.

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