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Wasted Days

It’s only day two of Camp NaNoWriMo and I feel like giving up. I wrote a grand total of 243 words yesterday and so far today I’ve written about six.

Yesterday was just a total waste of makeup, not that I wear any. I spent most of the morning waiting for my roommate to get up (she works 3 – 11) to help with a decluttering project that she had seemed all gung-ho about, only to have her not roll out of bed until 12:30, then run off on an errand, then fiddle around on the computer…  It was almost 2:30 before she even started on it (and she had to be at work by 3:00.) Needless to say, it’s less than half finished.

Today hasn’t been much better. My car had to go to the garage because my passenger side headlight and driver side taillight were out. (The headlight wasn’t burned out; it was a wiring issue.) (Note to self: learn how to change the light bulbs in this car; you’ll save a ton of money.) So we dropped it off and then went to my home town to pick up orders from a small chocolate company. They close after Easter so they start a half-price sale a few days before.

Stopped for burgers and ice cream on the way back, then she dropped me off to get my car and I went to the storage unit to grab a bag of dog food. I had to get her to help bring it in though, as my wrist was not happy about trying to pick up a forty pound bag of kibble. (It’s currently wrapped until it stops hurting.) (The wrist, not the kibble.)

So, that and a putting a load of laundry in the washer is my day so far.

And now I’m listening to dogs snore. (Which is somewhat better than telling them to keep their noses out of my chocolate.)

Monday there is someone coming to hopefully fix my internet so it quits cutting out when it rains.

And somewhere between now and then I may (or may not, I haven’t decided yet) cook a ham dinner.

And I have to try to make the house look like it’s inhabited by humans and not a marauding band of Orcs that raided a brewery.

My free time for writing is dwindling rapidly, especially since I picked up a day of work for Tuesday. I’m seriously beginning to consider trying an all-nighter. I wonder if the neighbor would mind if I ran the vacuum at three o’clock in the morning?


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Monday Maybes

I had a post all ready to go on Friday but my internet never came up. It’s down as I’m writing this between bus runs, but I’m hoping it will be up when I get home this evening so I can actually post it.

(It was up for a while yesterday so I finished scheduling my Wednesday Words, Rainbow Snippets, and Snippet Sunday posts for the month, and got started on the Rainbow Snippet blog hop before it went down.)

Yesterday morning I had a town cop knocking on my door. Apparently they’d received a 911 hang up call from my phone line. The same phone line that I can’t get internet through. And which doesn’t have a phone attached to it. He said they get a lot of calls like that when it rains. Seems to me that Windstream needs to do some upgrading or something…

I have three weekdays off in the first week of April and I’m going to have to get a tech out here on one of those days to fix the problem with my internet. (They insist that there needs to be someone home because he’ll have to come inside. Um… I told them that there’s only a problem when it rains, and I’m pretty sure I’d have noticed if it rained in the house, so I don’t know why they think he’ll have to come inside, but whatever.)

Anyhow, that gives me a week to make the front room and my bedroom not look like the aftermath of a medley of natural disasters. I’m not quite sure where to start… Maybe I should write an outline?

Speaking of outlines, writing one for Song and Shadow might not be a bad idea. And I should probably detail the last bit of Hedge House before Camp starts as well.

Why is that? Well, it’s because I announced my Camp project on the NaNoWriMo website: 25,000 words on both Song and Shadow and Hedge House. I’m still not sure that it’s going to take that many words to finish Hedge House but if it doesn’t I’ll just add whatever’s left of that 25k to the goal to Song and Shadow.

Unless I change my mind between now and Thursday.

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