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I was actually going to call this post “Ragweed” because pollen count has been making me miserable the last few days. (Seriously. I was ready to drill a hole through my cheekbones to relieve pressure the other day.)

Instead, I’m going with the title “Rags” as a nod to Thursday Threads, which gave me the subject for this post.

What is Thursday Threads?

It’s a weekly flash fiction contest hosted by Siobhan Muir. You can find the rules here, and follow the Face Book group here.

(Unlike my Wednesday Words prompts, Thursday Threads is actually judged.)


Yesterday’s prompt (“Do I make you nervous?”) brought up a great scene in my head. Unfortunately it didn’t make it to the contest, but I did start writing it. And saved it in a Word doc because it wants to be a side story for the Academy of the Accord series.

(Please note: this is only a side story, not another novel. It doesn’t even involve any of the characters in the series. At least, so far it doesn’t even involve any of the other characters in the series and I’m going to do my best to keep it that way.)

So, yesterday’s Thursday Threads prompt turned into a scrap of a story – a rag, if you will.

Actually, a lot of the Thursday Threads prompts do that. I can’t even begin to tell you how many novels have been started on Thursdays. (But it’s a lot more than the number of actual Thursday Threads entries I’ve made.)

And so it goes…

Now, if will just go from rags to riches…

(But that’s a plot bunny of a different color.)


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Seventy Pages to Go

I’m still plugging away on the edits for Sanguine.  Less than 70 pages to go but I’m into the stuff that’s harder to fix now and I am currently hating this whole section.

(Of course, I seem to go through that with every novel that I write and edit.)

At the moment I’m trying to find a balance between emotion and melodrama — and between background info and info-dump — all in the same scene.

Yay for melodramatic info-dumps!

Um, no.  I’m working against that. 

(This is what editing does to a writer after a while. You start to argue with yourself. And you start liking stuff you shouldn’t and not liking stuff  you should, and you stay up too late because there are only X number of pages left to go and you can finish it, you know you can!)

I lost a fair amount of time on Thursday doing the Thursday Thread challenge.  Writing a short story using the prompt isn’t the problem – getting it down to 250 words is.  I had over 500 words when I finished and had to cut over half of them.  I liked the story though, so I might put the words back and polish it up to put on Watt Pad or something.

So, it’s been a bit slower going than I had thought it would be, but it is still progress.  I hope to have it done by the end of the day today, but I’m not making any sort of promise to myself, especially as I’ll be losing part of the day by taking my car to its doctor to for repairs.  (The handle for the hatch broke last Saturday and has been held on with electrical tape all week.  I wouldn’t be overly concerned about it except 1) I can’t get my hatch open and 2) it holds the lights for my license plate.)

On a brighter note, Word now recognizes Kaen’s and Gregor’s names again.  I have no idea why it refused to acknowledge them before (just in one paragraph) but I’m blaming retrograde Mercury.

Actually, I’m blaming retrograde Mercury for everything.


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