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The Elven Bard Series (or Something)

I really hope that October doesn’t go as fast as September did. I have too much to do this month and already feel like I don’t have enough time to do it.

I’ve started working on two outlines for NaNoWriMo, both sequels to Song and Sword.  (I’m leaving the prequel alone until a Camp session since it’s started.)

I’ve decided to call this group of novels the “Elven Bard…”  Saga or Chronicles or Books or something.  Just not sure what to use for the last word.

All of the books are going to start with “Song and…”

The prequel is going to be Song and Shadow.

The sequels are Song and Shield and Song and Stone.

Song and Stone is the one that I have the best plot for so far, but I’d rather save it for April Camp.  For one thing, Song and Shield actually takes place before Song and Stone, and The Academy of the Accord has taught me my lesson about writing books out of order, and for another, I already have a scene written for Song and Stone and I like to do a totally fresh start for NaNo in November.

However, Song and Shield is actually shaping up rather nicely.  I was sitting in the car waiting for my roommate to get her pre-employment drug test and I started brainstorming with pen and paper and six scribbled pages later I had more subplots than I could keep track of.

The next step is to type up those notes, print them out, and try to edit them into an actual outline format. (Yes, I do paper edits of my outlines.  That’s why I needed to get a new printer and get it up and running.)

Anyhow, I now have subplots that I’ve managed to tie together and I have a pretty good idea of the problem my protagonists are going to have to solve.  I’m not quite sure where the story is going yet (I have no idea how they’re going to solve the problem) but that’s the next step after I get the problem sorted out.

I’m getting really excited for this book and already can’t wait to start.

Come on, November!

Oh, wait. Never mind.  I’m not ready…


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Sew On and So Forth

I now have a sewing machine, because apparently “I got about four hours of sleep last night” translates to “Sure, Mom! I’d love to drive up to your place and go look at a sewing machine that I know nothing about.”

Anyhow, its price was right (free) and we were told it runs.  I need to oil it good and the inside probably needs cleaned – I know the outside does. (The machine survived a house fire, thus its name: Fawkes.)

And I did have a good time.  Mom fed me lunch and her dog didn’t bite me, so  I’ll count it as a successful day.

So anyhow, I haven’t used it yet.  I’ll be getting some sewing machine oil later today and gritting my teeth and attacking it on Tuesday when I’m off. (Just letting you know in advance so you aren’t overly worried when you hear a string of curse words floating out of Western Pennsylvania.)

In other happy news, Song and Sword got an awesome review on Amazon. (I should probably put the reviews on the book’s page here.  *Adds it to my ever growing list of things to do.*)

And in more happy news, out of nowhere I came up with a solution to a bit of a plot hole in the outline to Song and Stone.  (Really out of nowhere. I wasn’t even thinking about the book.)

And in scary news, it’s only two weeks until Camp!

(Actually, me owning a sewing machine is relatively scary too.)


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Sometimes things just spin out of control.

Things like time.

Time is very good at spinning out of control.  Just look at this month.  I can’t believe it’s nearly over – less than a week left.

And my list of things I wanted to do by the end of the month? Yeah. Not gonna happen.  Not by a long shot.

But that’s okay.  Well, not really, but it sort of has to be because “it is what it is.”

(On the other hand, I do still have five days (counting today) and I am nothing if not an eternal optimist.)

Then of course there are the new projects lining up.

It looks like Song and Stone is going to be happening, probably in July.  (If not, then definitely in November.)  The outline is coming along nicely although I still have a few (rather large) plot holes and logic problems to sort out.

The interesting thing, though, is that as I was skimming through Song and Sword as a refresher I found a couple lines that are going to tie in nicely to Song and Stone.  One I thought meant something else at the time (Palora leaving a legacy in Pah’sh’parra) and the other I didn’t put much thought into at all, thinking it was something really straightforward, but apparently I was wrong.

And there’s still the untitled prequel with Pashevel and Hierik which now has a tentative title.

And there’s a new one in between Song and Sword and Song and Stone, which, now that I’m thinking about it, I should probably write first because some of the things in Song and Stone may very well arise from it too and I’ve learned my lesson about writing out of sequence.  (The Pashevel meets Hierik story predates Song and Sword by quite a few years so no worries there.)

Speaking of things spinning out of control, how did my stand alone novel turn into this mess? Again. I’d say I was having flashbacks to The Academy of the Accord but I’m still working on it so I’m not sure “flashback” is the right word.

And now I’m toying with the idea of doing JuNoWriMo because, you know, back to back 50k challenges are fun.  Especially when one starts in five days and there’s no outline in place.

Of course, I could use JuNoWriMo to finish some existing stuff.  That might work.

But what about the editing and revising I’m supposed to be doing?

Spin. Spin. Spin.

How much caffeine is there in the world?

Stop back on Monday to see how much sanity I recover over the weekend.

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Sequel or Prequel?

So, the hermit got dragged out of her cave on Friday to go to brunch with a friend.

I was wearing a Camp NaNoWriMo t shirt and she asked me when the next NaNoWriMo event was. (It’s July, by the way.)

Said friend is a fan of Song and Sword and is a bit disappointed that I’m posting snippets from (and working on) other books instead of doing more with it, so I told her that the plan for July’s Camp is to write Song and Stone, the sequel to Song and Sword.

And that was the plan.  Maybe even still is the plan.  But…

I was starting to plan the outline on a break at work the other night, and I started thinking that I had already started an outline for it, so when I got home I poked around in my Word docs and I found it.  I also found the scene that I had rough drafted that was sort of the catalyst for the whole “write a sequel to a stand alone novel” thing.

But then I came across something else I had written.  It doesn’t have a name (yet) and was supposed to be a side story about Pashevel and Hierik.  A short side story.  A “short” side story that is at a little over five thousand words and which has what may very well be enough plot to work into a full novel.  (Stuff that I don’t remember having written.)

So now the question is… work on Song and Stone or the prequel?

Song and Stone at least has a title…

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