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Thirteen Book Series?

So I’ve been working my way through the first round paper edits of Book 7 of The Academy of the Accord, and I’m thinking I may need to rethink the series.

There is so much overlap between the original ending of Book 5 and the starts of Books 6 and 7 that I’m thinking of taking all that overlap stuff and making it a book unto itself.

For one thing, it would certainly make editing this mess a whole lot easier in the long run.

And there is a whole lot of stuff that I had to cut because it didn’t really fit into any of them, but I saved it all because a) I’m even a packrat when it comes to computer files and b) it is still kind of needed somewhere but there’s currently just no where to put it.

And this extra book would let me expand some things that I need to put more emphasis on so it’s there for later books. (I’m looking at you, Book 11 – you and Andrek and the most confusing and convoluted family tree ever created.)

And for yet another thing, it would let me focus on just the characters that are center stage in Books 6 and 7 (Rahmael and Shander in Book 6, and Brythel in Book 7) and would cut down on a lot of repetition between the books.

It doesn’t solve all of my problems with the series, though.  I’ll still be struggling with the (re)introduction of Azlea, for instance.  Of course, I’m already not entirely sure when that happens so that’s not really a major drawback.

It won’t exactly solve the problem of Book 7 either.  It’s still going to overlap some of the others no matter when I set the beginning of it because it’s Brythel and he’s… complicated.

And this new book in the middle of things sort of comes with a couple problems of its own.

For instance, so far it’s mostly just a series of scenes with no plot. I’d need to come up with something to tie it all together and tie it into the overall story arc for the series.  (I’m pretty sure I can find something, I just have no idea what at this point.)

And of course, then it becomes Book 6 so I’ll have to renumber all of the other books and all of the files associated with them…

I think I’m going to scream now.

And the headache continues to grow.


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Warming Up For Camp

Despite the heat, it’s been a good weekend.

After two days of not seeming to be able to get a handle on things at work, the evil day job settled back into a more normal routine on Saturday and Sunday, which means that I had some energy left over when I got home, which means that I not only managed to write at least a hundred words a day, but I stayed caught up on both blog hops, too.  Go, me!

The Onyx Sun scene that I’m working on is up to almost 1700 words (would be more but needed to stop to get this written before I went to bed).

This scene should be done (but totally unedited) by the time Camp starts (on Friday! Eek! Ack! Other scaredy words!) which means that (as of now) all I’ll need to do for Onyx Sun is rewrite the ending.  (And that is all mapped out in my head, except for how to start it.)

(And maybe an epilogue which will be a foreshadowing to the sequel.)

Then it will be on to finishing Book Six of The Academy of the Accord.

After that it depends on how many words I have left to hit 50k and how far behind par I am.

And, oooh, shiny!  I just found out I won a paperback copy of Louise Lyons’ book, Beyond the Scars.  Something to read when I should be writing.

Anyhow, where was I?

Oh, yes. Camp.

I’ve been pretty much caffeine free lately, so hopefully it will have an effect on me once Camp starts – I’m going to need a couple late nights toward the beginning, I think.  I couldn’t take the first off, and the second starts the weekend blog hops, so, yeah – my future seems to hold the promise of a few late nights at the start of the month.

I just hope the weather cools off.  I’m melting, and that makes it really hard to type.

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