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E Is For…



Energy Crisis

Whatever you want to call it, I have it.

I managed to get basically nothing done on my two days off.  Oh, I cleaned the rat cage and did laundry and sorted decorations and dragged them up from the basement.   And I risked life and limb to drag the box of cards out of the top of my closet.

I did finish one Pocket Letter that was almost done and I started another.  I’m going to rethink my plan on that though.  The ones that are late are already late and have no chance of hitting a deadline, so I’m going to focus on the one that aren’t late and get them out so that they don’t add to the guilt load that is hanging over my head.

Granted, I don’t have much time on work days, but I figure if I do one card insert before work and one after work I’ll at least be moving forward – slowly, perhaps, but still moving.

And I’m going to need to write every day too, even if it’s just a hundred words.  I know my goal was at least 31k this month and preferably 77k but the 77 is definitely not happening and the 31 is looking iffy because I haven’t written a thing all month.  I can still pull it out, but…

But I’m thinking that I might need to revise my goal for the month from writing 31k (and finishing Book 6 of the Academy of the Accord series) to finishing the first draft of Hedge House and the revisions on Onyx Sun.

But I really want to get Book 6 done so I can work on editing the entire series… But as long as I get it done before I get to editing Book 5 it should be all right.

But Hedge House is a lot closer to being done than Book 6 of The Academy of the Accord is, and Onyx Sun is the only thing currently close to being publishable.

And I really need to get something published.

See, I posted this on FaceBook Wednesday night:

“Someone motivate me to do something. Write. Make pocket letters. Set up blog posts. Something!”

And my friends pitched in to help.

One told me “You can procrastinate when you’re dead, woman. Live while you’re alive! Your characters are waiting for you to bring them to life and take them on an adventure!”  I protested that I wasn’t really procrastinating, I was just doing nothing, and she said “Some days you just have to be a lump.”

Another told me “It’s okay to take a few days to do nothing but recharge. It feels weird, though, to do nothing.”

And another threatened to send me “an exploding bag of corgi shed” if I didn’t get productive.  Of course, that would just be a snack for the killer dust bunnies, so I’m not too concerned about that threat.

Another posted this:


But the most helpful response was this one:

“GET THE FUCK WITH IT!!! I want another book!!”

So, yeah… I need to get busy and get something published.


Before the killer dust bunnies breed with the killer plot bunnies and…



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Creativity Abounds!

I know I said I wasn’t going to, but I signed up for another pocket letter exchange.  This should be an easy one, though – the theme is the color purple.  The only problem is that it’s due to be mailed on November 20 TH, the height of NaNoWriMo, but I’ll be starting on it on my days off this week, after I get my other ones finished and ready to mail, so that should be no problem.  (She said hopefully.)

One of my friends commented to me that I’ve become obsessed with pocket letters.  (She wasn’t being snarky, just making an observation.)  I think maybe I have – it’s something new and shiny (just like I become obsessed by shiny new plot bunnies).  And it’s a different kind of creative outlet – something more visual and immediate than writing.

And it’s play – it makes me feel like a kid, playing with paper and glue and scissors and stickers and other crafty stuff. And that sense of fun and play opens up creativity on so many other levels, including writing.

Plus, I have, for a long time, wanted to start scrapbooking.  I have all the stuff needed but have never actually sat down to make a page, in part because I was feeling somewhat intimidated by it. (I have no idea why I felt that way and only just recently realized that the “no time” and “not enough space” excuses were just that – excuses.) So, I think that in the new year (because, face it, I’m already overbooked for the next two and a half months) I’m going to start making actual scrapbook pages.  I’ll start with easy stuff – a poetry scrapbook – and move on from there.

It’s also helping with the repercussions of being a packrat – this stuff is actually getting used!

And that in itself helps with creativity.  Somehow, getting rid of clutter, and organizing and clearing space actually opens up a lot of creative energy for me.  I know this, but I’m a pack rat anyhow.

I even managed to shorten my ongoing to-do list by getting my Wednesday Words and Sunday Snippets posts scheduled.   Wednesday Words posts are scheduled through the end of the year and Sunday Snippets posts are scheduled through the end of November.

(I usually only do them a month in advance, but I’m starting to clear stuff out of the way for NaNoWriMo.  It’s getting here much faster than I’m ready for this year, which means I really need to focus on the outline for Hedge House.  I’m apparently just not in a “plotting mood” at the moment, which, considering that I have two novels to outline (Hedge House and Book 6 of The Academy of the Accord), is a major handicap.  (And I just realized that I don’t even have a Word doc started for an outline for AotA 6.  I could have sworn I did. It’s probably with a handful of scenes that I’m positive I wrote but which don’t exist anywhere.)

But I don’t go back to work until Friday, so…








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Too Much To Do…

… and too little time.

But I have a plan.

I’m behind on my 1K-a-Day Challenge (as in, way far behind, as in I need to write 6000 words a day for three days in a row to make goal) but I’m also committed to some Pocket Letter trades, and since I can only work on pocket letters on my days off…

You see where this is going, right?

Yeah, I thought so.  But it’s all right.  I have a plan.

I’m going to get up early.

(Right.  I’m writing this about 1:30 in the morning and won’t be in bed much before 2:30 if then, but I’m planning to get up early.  Okay?  Is that better?)

Okay, let’s try this again.

I’m planning to get up early(ish – around 8:00 or 8:30) and get my usual morning online stuff taken care of.  And then I’m going to write at least one thousand words.

Then, if my roommate is up, I get to spend about half an hour setting up and organizing stuff to do pocket letters.  (If she’s not up, I am allowed to spend fifteen minutes sorting card stock scraps by color.)  (I don’t have a dedicated area to do pocket letters yet, so I’ll set up stuff in her room where it’s less of a distraction while I’m writing.)

Then I write another thousand words.

And alternate pocket letters and writing throughout the rest of the day.

Actually, throughout the rest of the month.

I can still do this!

Breaking bigger tasks (15k behind with three days left to go, so needing 18k by the end of the month) into smaller bits (5k per day to get caught up plus 1k per day to stay on track) makes the bigger tasks seem more manageable.  And 6k a day, while doable, is also intimidating, so I’ll break it down into 1k increments with a break in between. (My eyes will thank me.)

In a way, that’s how I write my outlines:

This is what needs to happen in the novel.
This is what needs to happen to get there.
This is what needs to happen for that to happen.
This is what needs to happen for that to happen so that can happen.

I just keep narrowing it down into manageable bits of storytelling.

Speaking of which, I need to get back to work on my outline for NaNoWriMo, too.  November is getting closer day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second…


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Pocket Letters

Don’t know what they are?  That’s okay, neither did I a few days ago.

You start with a nine pocket page protector, like they use for trading cards.  You select a theme (or work one out with your trading partner) and decorate cards for each pocket, tuck little goodies (stickers. fancy paper clips, beads, etc) into each one, and a note or letter, and send the sheet off to your partner.  It looks like a lot of fun and I can’t wait to do an actual page – I’ve been making some cards and having a blast.

Anyhow, it occurred to me last night that there is a correlation between Pocket Letters and writing.

(Bear with me.  I swear this made sense at three o’clock this morning.)

Each pocket contains something different (pocket = scene) but each is related to an overall theme (theme = plot).

So now I’m going to challenge myself to write a short story with nine scenes and make a Pocket Letter for it.

Because, you know – I don’t have enough things to do in my free time.



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