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I did it.

I hit 50K and I won NaNoWriMo again.  It wasn’t a pretty win, and not one I’m proud of, but it was a win.

And for the first time ever I’m glad it’s over.

November was a rough month all around and I’m beyond exhausted on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually.

I don’t think I’m going to set any goals for December. I need a break.

I’ll still be doing some work (I need to type up my handwritten notes for one thing) but I’m not giving myself a minimum word count or anything like that.  I’m gonna kick back and relax and do a little of this and a little of that.

And tackle some stuff around the house that has been let slide.

I’ll also be working on setting up my goals for next year.

Then in January I’ll tackle stuff full on again.

Of course, that’s what I say now.  But while I was making lunch a while ago I was thinking about diving into the first round of edits of Book 6 of The Academy of the Accord series, and getting the changes of the first round of Book 5 entered into the computer, and finishing this round of revisions to Onyx Sun and…

Yeah.  So much for taking a break.  Apparently my idea of taking a break from writing is to edit.



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Warming Up For Camp

Despite the heat, it’s been a good weekend.

After two days of not seeming to be able to get a handle on things at work, the evil day job settled back into a more normal routine on Saturday and Sunday, which means that I had some energy left over when I got home, which means that I not only managed to write at least a hundred words a day, but I stayed caught up on both blog hops, too.  Go, me!

The Onyx Sun scene that I’m working on is up to almost 1700 words (would be more but needed to stop to get this written before I went to bed).

This scene should be done (but totally unedited) by the time Camp starts (on Friday! Eek! Ack! Other scaredy words!) which means that (as of now) all I’ll need to do for Onyx Sun is rewrite the ending.  (And that is all mapped out in my head, except for how to start it.)

(And maybe an epilogue which will be a foreshadowing to the sequel.)

Then it will be on to finishing Book Six of The Academy of the Accord.

After that it depends on how many words I have left to hit 50k and how far behind par I am.

And, oooh, shiny!  I just found out I won a paperback copy of Louise Lyons’ book, Beyond the Scars.  Something to read when I should be writing.

Anyhow, where was I?

Oh, yes. Camp.

I’ve been pretty much caffeine free lately, so hopefully it will have an effect on me once Camp starts – I’m going to need a couple late nights toward the beginning, I think.  I couldn’t take the first off, and the second starts the weekend blog hops, so, yeah – my future seems to hold the promise of a few late nights at the start of the month.

I just hope the weather cools off.  I’m melting, and that makes it really hard to type.

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Plans? What Plans?

Well, so far nothing I’ve planned to do writing-wise this month has happened.

(I have done a bit of editing of Book 5 of The Academy of the Accord, and discovered that it’s a much bigger mess than I remembered it being. I have no idea how I managed to completely contradict myself in less than three pages, but I guess all things are possible when you’re a writer.)

(Not to mention that the prologue to Book 6 potentially screws up half of Book 5… Although I could maybe find a way to still make it work… Hmmm… That might really make it work better, actually…)

I haven’t even looked at Onyx Sun.  Well, I opened the file last night because I was tagged in the 7-7-7 Challenge on FB. (You go to page 7 (or 77) of your current work in progress, count down 7 lines, and post 7 lines.  My problem with these challenges is always trying to decide which WiP to post from.)

Oh, and I haven’t finished last Saturday’s Rainbow Snippets blog hop and this week’s goes live tomorrow.

Let’s see where this month went wrong.

First and Second: Work was horrendously draining, pretty much sapping any energy I had. Plus, on Sunday (the 1st) I had to run to another town to pick up a rat that I was transporting across the state.  That chunk of my morning threw me behind in the weekend blog hops.

Tuesday (the 3rd) I was off, but I was off on a 14+ hour road trip to drop off the Naked Man I’d picked up on Sunday, and pick up five more (non-naked) males that I’m adding to my own mischief.

Wednesday was spent recovering from the 14+ hour rat related road trip and trying to do some of the stuff that I normally would have done on Tuesday.

The new rats were rescues that someone else took in but needed to find new homes for.  They are not very trusting, but I’m working on it.  Three of them are coming around (slowly) but the other two are going to take more time.

Yesterday was back to work, and the outlook on the writing front isn’t improving much – we got word that our landlord is selling the apartments (again) and (far worse!) will “need access” for the real estate company.  I do have until next Thursday (at least) for that to get sorted as far as a mad dash to make the place look semi presentable.

Can we pretend this month hasn’t started yet and start over?

On a happier note, I’ve been asked to write a guest blog post about The Academy of the Accord.  More news on that later.  Right now I have to medicate the brat rats and get some serious blog hopping done before work.  Oh, and do at least a couple cleaning type things.



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