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Happy Pi Day!

Well, I made it through the weekend without further mishap. Then slightly pulled my right hamstring getting out of my car this afternoon. *sigh* At least I managed to walk it off before I had to get back on the school bus.

Demon Dog is doing better. My roommate said he was a little cautious on the stairs today, and he is walking up them instead of charging up full steam ahead like he usually does, but at least he’s not hesitating or refusing. I wonder if they make Deramaxx for humans?

Writing is going well. At least, I’m still plugging along at my 100 words a day. I did over 200 on Saturday. Small steps, but at least I’m consistently writing. My current thought is to leave it at 100 words a day for the year, then maybe raise the goal to 150 or 200 next year.

A few years ago I tried doing a thousand words a day. I couldn’t keep it up long term, and I know I can’t do it now – my current job is too mentally draining. Not the job itself, mind you, but one of the people I work with. Being around someone who gets their news from YouTube (and considers it a reliable source of factual information) is exhausting. (He’s also racist and homophobic and I can’t wait until school is out for the summer and I hopefully won’t have to deal with him. He says he’s not driving for summer session. He also says he’s moving to North Carolina after this year, which might make next year a better assignment.)

The time change is killing me. My body thought it was too early to go to bed and go to sleep last night and I’m paying for it today. And Demon Dog thinks it’s bedtime so I’d better get my laundry out of the washer and crash for the night.

How much longer until the weekend?

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It’s Over! The Week Is Over!

This has been one of those weeks and I am so glad it’s over. (I think I may have discovered the real meaning of “week end.”)

Demon Dog has been reluctant to use his hindquarters this week, especially to go upstairs, and really growly about having them touched, even lightly. He even snapped at the other dog because she was going past him when he stood up and it hurt him to stand. (He even snapped at me when I was trying to help him go up the stairs from the basement.)

The vet gave us some pills (Deramaxx) for him that I picked up on my way home on Tuesday. I gave him a dose (half a pill) and put the bottle down. It’s a once-a-day medication so on Wednesday when I got home from work I went to give him the next dose and the bottle was nowhere to be found. I did everything but tear the kitchen cabinets off the walls but there was no sign of it.

So yesterday I called the vet and explained what happened and stopped after work (my car now thinks we go there on the way home) and they gave me some samples. I still haven’t found the original bottle.

Today he had an appointment, so of course he was walking fine, letting us scratch his butt, and conning the vet tech out of half a jar of treats, all like nothing was ever wrong. The vet did get to see some tremors in his leg muscles, though, and I had videos of it as well to show her.

We came home and the plan was for my roommate to take him into the house and crate him and then we’d go for supper.

Unfortunately, my car had other ideas; the front passenger door wouldn’t unlock so she was trapped. I gave her my AAA card to call and get someone to rescue her, and I took him into the house…

And promptly fell up the steps to the front porch and got my face stuck on the top of a garbage can, all while having Demon Dog on a leash keeping an entirely too watchful of an eye on neighbors unloading groceries. (No one would ever believe that if I put it in a novel.) (Hey, I worked hard for the nickname “Crash.”)

But at least I did it today when it was warm and dry instead of tomorrow when it’s going to be cold and snowing. (We have a winter weather advisory.)

(And my roommate managed to extricate herself by crawling over to the driver’s side to get out, but by then I was back on my feet and opening the door.)

So now tomorrow I have to call the garage and see if they can get me in on Wednesday (which is supposed to be my day off but I’m working that morning) to fix the lock.

And, to top it all off, it’s Change the Clocks weekend. (I could have sworn we just did that…)

On a brighter note, I have lots of hot chocolate mix and no plans to go anywhere until Monday, and lots of things I can do without having to move around too much, so I’m all set.

Unless I fall down the stairs…

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So Much For Writing

On Tuesday I noticed that Riley (one of our boxers) was acting… not right. I decided to see how he was on Wednesday and the answer was “worse” so I called the vet and the got him that afternoon.

He has a slipped disc and is on prednisone. (Fortunately he’s really good about taking pills.)

He’s also now seeing a chiropractor.

He’s doing better. He’ll go down the steps to the yard now and he wouldn’t on Wednesday. He’s also starting to eat.

But meanwhile, I’ve been spending my time downstairs with him so he didn’t have to climb the steps to be in my room with me. (The dog is my shadow. Seriously. At the chiropractor’s this evening I got up to go to the restroom, leaving him with my roommate. As soon as I was out of sight he started barking, so I went back to get him and take him with me.

(Owning a boxer means you never pee alone.)

Anyhow, tomorrow I’ll be getting up early so we can get on the road to bring home two more wiggle butts (see Monday’s post). Helping them settle in will take up most of the rest of my time tomorrow and I’ll be home alone with the foursome on Monday, then Riley goes back to the chiropractor that evening, and the sisters (the new additions) have an appointment with the groomer on Thursday.

In short, the month is half over and I may never see my monitor again.

Okay, so that is kind of an exaggeration. I’m sure that it won’t be long before all four dogs follow me up to my room to hang out with me. (Riley and Jazzy already do.)

Now, with all this focus on the dogs (and considering how much I love animals) I have to ask myself one question:

Why have I never given my characters pets?

(Well, in Hedge House there is sort of a pet, although I’m sure she’d take exception to that term.)

Something to think about…


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May 2017 Writing Goals

“First of May, First of May
Brand new writing starts today.”

Okay, so that’s not the real lyrics but at least they are safe for work.

Before I get into my writing goals for the month, though, today is a very special day. Riley, my bestest buddy, turns 12 today. He’s one of two Boxers that we adopted from a shelter in November.

So, anyhow, on to my May writing goals.

I’d like to get my Elven Bard novel up to 30,000 words, which means adding 12,195 words to it. That’s doable, even with the rest of the insanity I’m planning, such as submitting a story (or maybe two) to an anthology.

The deadline is the first of June, and the length is 4000 to 6000 words, so I’m now up to needing to write about 18k next month, 24,000 if I do both.

I’m going to let Onyx Sun sit for the month before I go back at it again in June. I like to take a bit of a break in between editing sessions. (Yes, I finished round two during Camp.)

I want to finish the first round paper edits of Book 12 of The Academy of the Accord series. I’ve started it, and it’s an even bigger mess than I thought it was going to be. (I thought I had an alternative start to it, but I don’t, so if I take out the one that’s currently there I have absolutely nothing to go with. But if I leave it, I have to do a lot of rewriting to work in a character that I just sort of… dropped.  So, yeah. It might take me all month.

I’d also like to enter the changes to Book 5 of The Academy of the Accord.  And maybe make a Book 5.5… The jury is still out on whether that’s going to solve more headaches than it creates.

And then there’s the series concordance. I really need to find the three ring binder I started it in. I’m planning a bit of rearranging of things on my days off this week so maybe it will materialize during that so I can get back to work on it.

And I really really really want to set up my traveler’s notebook that is dedicated to writing stuff.

Inserts will include:

notes for current WiPs
notes for new ideas/stuff not started
stuff that’s in progress but not currently being worked on (I need to find a way to track way to track where each project is in the writing process.)

So, yeah. It’s going to be a busy month. I’m going to try to use my 750words to work on writing instead of brain dumping my day, although sometimes brain dumping helps clear the way for writing.


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One Week In

Already?  It’s already been November for a week?  Sheesh!  Where has time gone, and, more importantly, how did it get away from me to begin with?

I’m still behind on NaNoWriMo. Like, five days behind.  I need to write just under 2000 words per day to finish on time (1944 to be exact) and at my current rate I will finish on February 13, 2017.

So, it’s still doable.

I think.

(I hope.)

Unfortunately, a new hindrance has happened — and one not nearly as happy as going to get Jazzy and Riley. (“Tomorrow, tomorrow, we’ll have them tomorrow. They’re only a day away.”)

Ahem. Yes. Anyhow.

On Friday morning I stepped out of my car and into a whole mess of pain in my left hip.  I went to work that afternoon and was pretty much okay as long as I didn’t sit for long.  Saturday, not so much.  I made it through my shift but walking didn’t help the pain like it did on Friday.

Sunday I called off because I spent the night in so much pain I could have cried. Or screamed. Every time I moved my left leg I woke up whimpering.

Yeah, no way I could be a nurse feeling like that.

By that point I was pretty sure it was the sciatic nerve but of course it was Sunday so no chiropractors were in anywhere.

So, I spent the day trying not to want to take a shotgun and blow my left hip to smithereens and not being very productive. It didn’t help that I couldn’t sit for too long at a time. Or stand for too long at a time. Or move for too long at a time. Or…

Anyhow, I called for a chiropractic appointment as soon as I got up and they got me in within the hour.  I got poked and prodded and x-rayed and had my lower back stretched, some electricity applied to my muscles (e-stim, I’m in love), and a few minor manipulations and got sent home with an appointment to come back tomorrow to go over my x-rays, probably get some more treatment, and decide on a course of therapy.

So… writing…

Hasn’t been happening.  (See: not being able to sit for too long at a time.)

Between that and getting ready to bring our new family members home from the shelter tomorrow (one more sleep!) nothing much else has been getting done.

And then there was the time change.  I know a lot of people like the “fall back” thing but I’m not one of them.  My body has no idea what time it is now and it will take about two weeks before my internal clock gets completely reset.  (The same thing will happen in the spring.  Congress really needs to do something useful and abolish this nonsense.)

Anyhow, probably not much writing is going to get done tomorrow either, between voting, getting dogs (two and a half to three hour chunk of the day), chiro appointment, and getting the dogs used to their new digs.

But I can still do this.  I won’t quit now.


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Jazzy and Riley

It’s the fourth day of NaNoWriMo and I’m just a hair over par.

For day two.

Yep.  Four days in and I’m two days behind.  And it’s not likely to get any better until next week.

If then.

It’s mostly for a happy reason, though.

On Monday my roommate and I went to meet a couple dogs at a shelter and put in an application to adopt them.  I said that I really hoped we’d be approved and the woman said that she was pretty sure we would be.

We had to stop at Wal Mart on the way home so I could get some stuff I needed for supper, and while we were there we picked up collars and leashes and dishes.  (And I can neither confirm nor deny the rumors that some toys and treats may or may not have ended up in my cart.)

Tuesday we got word that we had been approved, which triggered a mad rush to get the house dog proofed before we pick them up this coming Tuesday. (I’d love to get them sooner but

  1. a) the dog-proofing thing


  1. b) I’m off on Tuesday and Wednesday and my roommate is off on Thursday next week so there will be someone home with them for the first three days.

(I’m not sure how I’m going to get any writing done while getting the dogs settled in to a new home, but I’m going to try.)

Anyhow, Tuesday I had to go in to work for a mandatory in service (days off are a myth apparently — they seem to think they own my free time too) so I stopped at the courthouse on the way home and got their licenses.

And now I’m back at work through Monday, which limits my time.  And I’m meeting a friend for lunch at eleven o’clock today, then go to work. The weekend, of course, will be taken up with blog hopping.  (And I still need to do last Sunday’s blog hop before this week’s goes live.)

I might get some writing done on Monday.  (And I’m going to try to hand write stuff at work to be typed up when I get a chance.)

Then Tuesday it’s up early to vote and go get Jazzy and Riley. Sue has to go to work that afternoon and I’m supposed to go in for another in service but I don’t want to leave them alone so soon after bringing them home.  (This one’s not mandatory but we are encouraged to “make every effort” to attend one of the sessions that day.  I wonder if they’d mind if I brought the dogs along?)

Then next Tuesday (the 15th) the dogs have their first appointment with my vet.

And that Thursday I have to go in to work early to get my CPR re-certification.

And that takes me up to the release of the new Harry Potter movie.

Four days in to NaNoWriMo and I’m already not sure if I should laugh or cry.

But you know what?  I’m totally in love with the dogs, so it’s worth it.

Oh, here they are by the way: Jazzy is the female and Riley is the male.  They were “found” together.  They’re senior dogs (eleven and twelve) and were probably owned and used by a backyard breeder. (They’re boxers, by the way, and are total loves.)

jazzy-shelter-2 jazzy-shelter-1

riley-shelter-1 riley-shelter-2

(The pictures were taken by the shelter.)

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So, just over a week until Camp NaNoWriMo starts.  It’s going to be interesting this year…

For one thing, I’m still adjusting to a new job with no set schedule, which is making it a little hard to get into the swing of writing.

For another, I’ll be doing NaPoWriMo along with camp – attempting to write 30 poems in 30 days in addition to the 50,000 word goal I’m setting myself for camp.

Normally I am a rebel for camp, working on an already started project and trying to finish it.  This year I’m actually trying to finish two:  the first two books of The Other Mages trilogy.  Book One is almost done and Book Two is about halfway, I think.  I have no outline prepared for either one – I suppose I should probably do that sometime between now and next Tuesday.  (Or at least figure out what still needs to be covered in each of them.)

And this year I have an additional distraction – three of them, actually: Peter, Paul, and Perry, my pet rats.  They aren’t all that time-consuming, technically.  It takes about half an hour to do a thorough weekly cage cleaning (with quicker cleanings in between) but they are spoiled little critters who love attention and who are endlessly entertaining.

And they are very bad for productivity.  (They are sort of anti-muses.)

They love to come out to play with me, and it’s really hard to resist those bright hopeful eyes peering at me through the bars of the cage, or the tiny little paws reaching out for me.

But it’s also really hard to type with them using me for a jungle gym, especially when Paul and Peter try to sit on my wrists while I’m typing.  (Perry, so far, is not at all interested in the keyboard, although the other two find it fascinating.)

You know, now that I’m thinking about it, they aren’t too different than plot bunnies: trying to get my attention, trying to tear me away from what I should be doing…

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