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Pressure Points

Pressure is a strange thing. Too much and something can explode.  (Or implode, depending on which direction the pressure is coming from.) But in the proper amount, pressure can be useful.  It can propel things forward, for instance.

Things like writing.

As you’re probably aware I recently backed out of a couple projects I was taking on.  The pressure from them was too much and I was imploding.  I was motionless, unable to move forward.  I felt (and was) stuck.

Since dropping them, I have been feeling much more creative. Ideas are flowing and excitement is building.

I am, however, someone who needs at least some sort of pressure in order to actually get things done instead of just create inside my head.  That’s why NaNoWriMo is such a great thing for me. (And I am including the Camp sessions in that.)

The goal.  The deadline.  The fact that hundred of thousands of other people are doing it too…

Yeah, just enough pressure.

The problem then becomes how to have “just enough pressure” the other nine months of the year.  I need a goal and a deadline and some sort of accountability.  A goal and a deadline are easy, but the accountability?  Not so much.

I’m going to set up some sort of tracker in my bullet journal, but I’m not quite sure of the final design yet.

(What I really want is the NaNoWriMo graph available all year long that I can plug my monthly word count goal into and have it tell me how much I need to write each day to meet it, etc.  I love that thing – it really helps me stay motivated.)

So now I’m asking:

What keeps you motivated on long term projects? (Not necessarily writing, but anything that doesn’t produce instant results, be it a large embroidery or cross stitch project, a creative endeavor of any sort, saving money for something far in the future, losing weight, getting rid of clutter, whatever.)

What do you do to keep just enough pressure to keep you moving?



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E Is For…



Energy Crisis

Whatever you want to call it, I have it.

I managed to get basically nothing done on my two days off.  Oh, I cleaned the rat cage and did laundry and sorted decorations and dragged them up from the basement.   And I risked life and limb to drag the box of cards out of the top of my closet.

I did finish one Pocket Letter that was almost done and I started another.  I’m going to rethink my plan on that though.  The ones that are late are already late and have no chance of hitting a deadline, so I’m going to focus on the one that aren’t late and get them out so that they don’t add to the guilt load that is hanging over my head.

Granted, I don’t have much time on work days, but I figure if I do one card insert before work and one after work I’ll at least be moving forward – slowly, perhaps, but still moving.

And I’m going to need to write every day too, even if it’s just a hundred words.  I know my goal was at least 31k this month and preferably 77k but the 77 is definitely not happening and the 31 is looking iffy because I haven’t written a thing all month.  I can still pull it out, but…

But I’m thinking that I might need to revise my goal for the month from writing 31k (and finishing Book 6 of the Academy of the Accord series) to finishing the first draft of Hedge House and the revisions on Onyx Sun.

But I really want to get Book 6 done so I can work on editing the entire series… But as long as I get it done before I get to editing Book 5 it should be all right.

But Hedge House is a lot closer to being done than Book 6 of The Academy of the Accord is, and Onyx Sun is the only thing currently close to being publishable.

And I really need to get something published.

See, I posted this on FaceBook Wednesday night:

“Someone motivate me to do something. Write. Make pocket letters. Set up blog posts. Something!”

And my friends pitched in to help.

One told me “You can procrastinate when you’re dead, woman. Live while you’re alive! Your characters are waiting for you to bring them to life and take them on an adventure!”  I protested that I wasn’t really procrastinating, I was just doing nothing, and she said “Some days you just have to be a lump.”

Another told me “It’s okay to take a few days to do nothing but recharge. It feels weird, though, to do nothing.”

And another threatened to send me “an exploding bag of corgi shed” if I didn’t get productive.  Of course, that would just be a snack for the killer dust bunnies, so I’m not too concerned about that threat.

Another posted this:


But the most helpful response was this one:

“GET THE FUCK WITH IT!!! I want another book!!”

So, yeah… I need to get busy and get something published.


Before the killer dust bunnies breed with the killer plot bunnies and…



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Making Dreams Come True

In a way, I love working part-time. I love the extra free time (although I need to develop the discipline to use it more effectively for writing) and, being an introvert, it gives me the time I need to recover from being around people for eight hours straight.

On the other hand, more money in the bank account would be a happy thing.

The other drawback to part time work, though, is losing track of time, especially if your schedule changes from week to week.

For instance, I was certain that I had yesterday off, until I looked at the dry erase calendar on the refrigerator on Wednesday.

(Seriously, that dry erase calendar is one of the best things I ever bought.  The dates are written in black, my schedule (work and otherwise) is in blue, my roommate’s schedule (work and otherwise) is in red, and stuff that applies to both of us is in green.)

(I love color coding almost as much as I do lists.)

So anyhow, yesterday I was thinking it was Friday (because in my head that’s when I had to go back to work) and I could wear jeans.  Nope.  Thursday.  I laid out a pair of scrub pants so I’d remember to wear the right clothes.

Now, today it’s Friday and I keep thinking that it’s Saturday.

I don’t think I’m ever going to catch up to myself.

At least, not until Monday when I’ll be off for four days again.

Meanwhile, I’m feeling overwhelmed by projects that are piling up. (Have been piling up.)

Even my normal method of making a list doesn’t seem to be helping.  (Of course, I made my list far too long — it’s a general “to do” list — so I really need to make another one of just writing projects.  Er, make that, just current writing projects — if I included the stuff in the “Novels I’m Ignoring” folder it would be even more overwhelming than the general to do list!)

And then I need to prioritize it. Except they’re all priorities. Every. Single. Thing.  on the list Needs. Done. Now.

But the main thing that needs done is developing the discipline to do it.

Because no matter how big or how much you dream, they don’t become reality by themselves.

So this is a wake up call to myself — and to anyone else who needs it — it’s time to do it!

“All ya gotta do is put your mind to it
Knuckle down, buckle down, do it, do it, do it.”

So let’s do it!

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