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Goals, Migraines, and Reality

I know I said was I was going to post about my goals, especially my writing ones, today, but a sudden onset migraine has pretty much put all of my plans for the day on hold. I might accomplish a few more things from my To Do list but I’m pretty sure that most of the items will be moved to Saturday and Sunday. (I’m working this weekend which cuts deeply into time to do stuff.)

I will still get my 100 words written for today, and get my Rainbow Snippets post scheduled for tomorrow, but outside of that it’s anyone’s guess.

As usual, I was overly optimistic when I made my list, but in my own defense, when I made the list I was expecting the Excedrin to kick in and get rid of the migraine.

I seem to have a problem facing my limitations sometimes. I always seem to think I can do more than reality suggests. (If you read Monday’s post you may have figured out that I have a sort of uneasy truce with reality.)


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Or maybe just “organizing” since “re-organizing” implies that there was some semblance of order at some time in the past.

Despite having it sitting where it can stare at me whenever I’m on the computer my list of things to do does not seem to be shrinking in the least.  Of course, the migraine that sidelined me all day on Tuesday didn’t help – I lost an entire day to being hypersensitive to light and sound, feeling like my head was being squeezed to the size of a golf ball, and battling my stomach’s desire to lose all of its contents.

And the fact that I keep adding things to my to do list probably doesn’t help either.

Still, you’d think it would have the courtesy to at least pretend to be getting shorter instead of longer.

I am resisting taking on anymore pocket letter projects, though, so there may be hope for me yet

Unfortunately, deadlines are fast approaching and some of them might go whooshing past me, depending on how this morning’s errands go.  (The plan is to hit Wal-Mart, Dollar Tree, Big Lots, and maybe Trader Horn and be home by 11:00 or 11:30.)  (You all can stop laughing now.)


I have worked out a way of organizing my current commitments so I can keep track of them and get a better handle on what needs done and work on them in some semblance of order instead of all willy-nilly.  (“Willy-nilly” needs to be used a lot more. It’s a great term.)

And even better, I’m getting back on stride for writing, which is a happy thing, especially with November looming closer.   Now, if Book 6 of The Academy of the Accord just had an outline…  (Although I did just figure out the first step to get me from where I am to where I need to go, so that’s a start.)

So, writing is starting to pick up momentum and I’m starting to get a handle on other commitments.  Life is good.

Now, if that list would just get shorter…

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