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Happy New Year!

Time to dust off the blog and get back to regular postings other than Wednesday Words. I have no idea how I got out of doing them, but it happened, and now I’m going to make it unhappen.


I’m making it one of my goals for this year, so we shall see.

Ah, yes. New year. Time for the annual new goals list.

I have some (don’t I always?) but they aren’t really solidified yet with steps needed, etc, but I thought I’d list them anyhow.


Non-writing goals:

Improved health.
Which means losing weight and building strength and stamina.

Cleaning up this disaster area of a house.
I’d like it to be “company ready” at all times, but I’m a packrat and so is my roommate, so you can take a guess at what the house looks like. Add to that that I’m an expert avoider of housework (so is she, but at least I own up to it) and it can be a little overwhelming even deciding where to start. I can’t do it all on my own because at least half of the mess is hers so I have no control over it, but I can work on what I can control.

New Job?
I’m starting to get frustrated with working agency (I’m a nurse, for those new to the blog) so I’m starting to look for something permanent. I don’t want to go back to long term care so I’m watching for other options that look interesting.

Creative Pursuits
Other than writing, that is. I want to do more with crochet and counted cross stitch and paper crafts (Junk Journals). I’m just not sure how to fit those things into my schedule yet. I do know that I want to make a shawl a month for Mantle of Apollon, a Pagan Prayer Shawl Ministry. And a scarf a week to donate to a drop in shelter for LGBTQIA+ youth who have been turned out by their parents. Fortunately, most of my current assignments give me lots of free time during my work day and scarves are easily transportable and fairly fast to make.

Writing Goals:

Publish Something!
I mean, seriously! It’s been years since I released Sanguine. It’s more than time to get something else out there.
Onyx Sun is almost ready to go to beta readers again, so one goal is to release it this year.

Then there’s the somewhat overwhelming task of organizing my WsIP (Works In Progress) and Plot Bunnies. I have that project started somewhere. Actually, I have that project started in a couple different somewheres, one online and one in a three ring binder. I just can’t seem to come up with the “perfect” method, but “perfect is the enemy of done” so I need to just dive in and do it. The other part of the problem is remembering to add to the lists when a new one pops its head up.

I also want to write at least 100 words (of a novel) every day. I’ll probably write more than that but 100 words is a manageable no-excuses number, even with my somewhat erratic work schedule.

The number of projects waiting in the wings is part of the problem with writing 100 words a day. What do I pick to focus on? The Academy of the Accord series, which is near and dear to my heart? The other books in the Elven Bard series, which a friend is trying so hard to be patient for? The Other Mages trilogy which grew out of my first ever NaNoWriMo?
Sometimes I think it would be easier to just put every project on little slips of paper and pull one out of a jar every day, except I’m pretty sure that that method would ensure that nothing would ever get finished.


So, I think that about sums up most of my goals (and dilemmas). Am I trying to take on too much? Probably, but when don’t I?







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The Flesh is Weak

I think I’m starting to feel better.  I still have almost no energy and even less stamina, but I want to do stuff.

I want to do creative stuff and I even want to do housework stuff. (Some of which I really need to do so I can do creative stuff.)

For instance, somehow I have once again managed to create a roadblock between the chest of drawers that currently holds paper crafting stuff and the rest of my room. I need to get to said chest of drawers so I have to bulldoze through the blockade.

Why do I want to get there? Because I’m pretty sure that I have some 8.5 x 11” cardstock in there that I want to use to make inserts for my A5 traveler’s notebook so I can use it to keep track of writing projects.

See? It all comes back to writing, but that was never a question, was it?

No, the question is, why do I only get the urge to clean when I start recuperating after I’ve been sick?  (Or really late at night.)

But I really do need to get to that chest of drawers.  I’d at least like to organize the stuff there a little as it was pretty much just shoved in there in a hurry with no real method to the madness.  (Well, most of the paper is in the bottom drawer – maybe two – because of weight.)

I also need more room to work.  Writing doesn’t take up much space, but other crafts do, and I don’t have the room to spread out in my bedroom.  I do have a craft room in the basement but it’s become more of a craft storage room so I also need to attack it and get it cleared out.  (It used to be more organized but that fell by the wayside when I rushed to get stuff moved down there out of the way.)

*sigh* I’m a pack rat.

Anyhow, the craft room project isn’t going to happen this week.  I’ll be lucky to get to my chest of drawers, actually.

But I want to do it.

All of it.

Right now.

The spirit is willing…


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So it’s time for another blog post and I can’t seem to pick a topic.

I’m still stunned, in shock, horrified, angry, and sickened by the massacre at The Pulse in Orlando.  Part of me wanted to write about it but I feel so helpless about it all… Plus, that’s all I’ve been seeing and hearing since I got online yesterday morning and I need a break from it to focus on something else.

Anything else.

So I thought it might be a good time to catch a bunch of random thoughts and ramble for a bit.  Distraction is good – it gives the mind time to come to terms with things.


I want to make a fabric traveler’s notebook.  I got everything I need, except grommets.  (I think I might be the only person in Western Pennsylvania who knows what they are.)

There is one other thing I need besides grommets, though…

See, the first tutorial I watched just involved fusible interfacing and a hot iron.

But then I looked at some others and decided that I liked the finished edges better, so…

I need a sewing machine.  (Words I never thought I’d ever hear myself say or see myself type.)  Nothing fancy, just a basic machine that can go forward and backward.

So, I called my mother to get her involved in the hunt, and then I did some looking online.  I found a few and sent her links to them, with this message:

“Wanted to run a few options past you for feedback since you know a lot more about these demon-spawned devices than I do. (Nope. I still haven’t achieved more than a tentative truce with sewing machines.)”

(Note: “tentative truce” is a bit of an exaggeration.  Sewing machines and I have a truce only if we ignore one another, coming no closer than to glower at one another from opposite corners of the room.)

Anyhow, her reply was: “I like the last one best, because of the bobbin.  It will be easier for you.  And maybe not grownup demon-spawned.  Just a tadpole.  I would buy it if I needed one.”

(Needless to say, if I do get a sewing machine it will be named “Tadpole.”  Along with a few other names not fit to be repeated in polite society or mixed company.)

Then she sent another email that she had some pants that needed hemmed.  What?  She has a sewing machine.  Maybe two.  Maybe three. (I inherited her pack rat gene, but apparently not the gene that makes sewing machines want to congregate in my vicinity.)

Anyhow, we’re going to go look at some in a week or so.  Maybe.  I might just order that last one and be done with it.

So anyhow, I told my roommate I was looking for a sewing machine and her first response was, “So you can make hammocks for the rats?”  Somehow I had never even thought of that, but, yeah!  So I can make hammocks for the rats.

And traveler’s notebooks for me.

And maybe some other crafty things.  (I have a completed counted cross stitch piece that I want to turn into a wall hanging but that involves sewing…)

So, yeah, I need another hobby like the beach needs another grain of sand, but at least now I can say that it would be useful for another hobby and save me some money on it.

In addition to getting myself in over my head in a world I know nothing about, I also managed to stay caught up on the weekend blog hops.

And I managed to knock two things off my list of things to do on my “weekend.” (Tomorrow and Wednesday.)

Oh, and something good happened yesterday.  As in “Happy Dance” Good.

What could that be, you ask?

Well, I thought you’d never ask!

I got a message on Face Book from a friend who is reading my first published novel. She messaged me that I had ripped her heart out in Song and Sword, so I asked “What did I do?”

Not that the answer really mattered.  I was doing an author’s happy dance at her reaction.

(It doesn’t take much to make an author do a happy dance.  We especially like it if we can smash your heart while we’re doing it.)

Then she realized she had to go to work and was going to be spending the day thinking about the book.

Happy happy dance.

Even if there is a sewing machine in my future.


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