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Back to Work…

All in all, it’s been a fairly productive three days off.

First of all, I came up with some potential cover images for Sanguine, so please go vote for one if you haven’t already.

I did some editing of Sanguine using Sarah’s comments, and I fixed a name change that I missed. (Thanks, Danielle!)

I’ve been posting chapters to Wattpad, but I still haven’t tackled Goodreads.  (But I’m blaming that on the fact that it suddenly got too hot to think again. Ugh.  I can’t wait for cooler weather!)

I’ve added words to my current WiP (Book Two of The Other Mages trilogy).  Only a couple thousand, and a lot of them are probably going to be cut, but sometimes the important thing is to just keep writing, because sooner or later something that you write is going to show you the way to move forward.  And yesterday something did so I’m excited about the project again.  I’m not sure how to segue to it, but since this is just a first draft I’m perfectly content to write [SEGUE NEEDED] and get on with it.

And I’m working on outlines for November.

Yes, outlines.  Plural.

No, I’m not planning on doing two novels in November – I did that once and swore to never do it again – but I’m having trouble deciding what to write.   Sarah wants a sequel to Sanguine, but Rowland has been patiently waiting for a sequel to Song and Sword.   And then there is Book Twelve of The Academy of the Accord series that needs to be written (along with Books Six, Seven, and Ten, but they’ve been sort of started so they don’t count).  And of course, there are a few other plot bunnies hopping around nibbling at the edges of my mind…  It’s getting crowded in there and will be worse by the end of October.

Oh, and I got the email from HQ that the 2014 Municipal Liaison kits are ready, so if I hadn’t already been thinking about NaNoWriMo I would be now anyhow.  But now I have to plot and ponder how to use this year’s “theme” for my region.  And start putting together a calendar of events.

But, now it’s time to go back to work at my day (well, evening) job, so…

Other than more work on the outlines, which I’ll print (on reused paper) and take to work with me, I doubt I’ll get much done for the next week or so.  I’m working five days in a row, get one off, work one, get one off, and then will be working at least three days.  (I haven’t seen that schedule yet.)  I’m hoping that during my next run of three days off I can get Sanguine formatted, but I know I’ll be too wiped out to do it next week.

I might also start working on a blurb for Sanguine.  If you hear a lot of swearing coming from Western Pennsylvania it will probably be me.  (I hate writing blurbs.  I would rather edit than write blurbs…)






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