Guess What?

I survived a whole weekend without falling up the steps, getting stuck in the bathtub, or ending up in the ER being admitted to the hospital. Things are looking up. (I did, however, manage to fall out of bed while trying to get in it, so my streak of freaky accidents continues unabated.)

And I ended up doing a huge amount of laundry, mostly, I’m guessing, because I wasn’t home last weekend to do it. Either that or my clothes are sorting themselves into baskets when I’m not around.

Writing continues. I’m still adding a little over 500 words a week to the prequel to Song and Sword, and a hundred or so words a week to Wild Worker and to the FF Vampire story that still needs a name.

Only having to write 100 words a day takes so much pressure off… Writing is actually starting to be fun again. No pressure. No deadlines…

Eep! Except for a flash fiction piece with a submission deadline at the end of the month that I’ve barely even thought about.


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  1. Sending you healing thoughts…good luck!

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