Almost Live

This post is coming to you semi-live from a hospital room. I got really short of breath on Saturday, and the nurse I was supposed to be relieving basically told me to go to the ER on my own or she was calling an ambulance.

So I went home, got some stuff together, and went to the ER where I was promptly admitted because my blood count was about half of what it should be.

The evil day job isn’t happy.

Neither am I. I’m horrible for getting IVs into and then the vein blows within a day. Not to mention the daily blood draws. I am so bruised…

All this time to do nothing, you’d think I’d have gotten a lot of writing done. You’d have thought wrong. There is no way to get the over the bed table and the bed adjusted to create a comfortable height for typing. I’ve been managing to plug along on my hundred words a day, but that’s about it.

Hopefully I’ll get out of here tomorrow.



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2 responses to “Almost Live

  1. Michael Burt

    I hope you get to feeling better Paula!

  2. Sending you healing thoughts…(hugs)

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