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Sunday Snippet, March 27, 2022


Picking up from last week’s post from a fantasy WiP tentatively titled Wild Worker.  By the way, if anyone has missed previous posts and is curious, just use the calendar in the upper right over there to navigate to them.

He was still muttering about the Shenarian Cult when she had changed clothes, and continued as they walked to the pub. Ciana fervently hoped that once they got there he’d go off with a bunch of his friends and either vent to them or at least end the evening in a better mood.

The Lucky Hammer was patronized almost entirely by men. Wealthy men. Most of them owned the mines that produced the precious metals that her father used in his work. It was here that he did most of his bargaining and deal-making.

Her grandfather, however, had introduced her to some other merchants, and tomorrow when she went to market she would take a side trip to purchase the materials needed for Emella’s order. And, since those merchants were friends of her grandfather but not overly fond of her father, perhaps she could mention her name and see if they knew of her. 

“Emien!” Someone called out in greeting. “How is the jewelry business?”

“Good enough to buy the house a round of stout,” he replied, nodding to the barkeeper.

“And when are you marrying off that pretty daughter of yours?”

“He’s not,” Ciana replied. “I’m considering restarting the Cult of Shenaria.”

A burst of laughter met her reply and her father had no choice but to join in, although she knew he’d likely be taking her to task for it later.








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