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Daydreaming Reality

So, I’ve struggled through two days of the evil day job. They weren’t too bad, actually. Tomorrow I’ve picked up a shift at another assignment and I’m kind of already regretting it. (I picked up every Saturday in April, too, and Easter Sunday. At least my checkbook will be happy.)

My arms aren’t as sore as they were, but it still hurts to drive. I’m going to give them a couple more days to sort themselves out and then if steering is still an issue I’ll take my car to the garage to have them check the power steering fluid and belt.

At some point on the bus ride today I was working through a scene in my head. (I don’t remember for what – I tend to do that multiple times a day.) Anyhow, the scene was so vivid that when someone said something to me and I snapped back to reality it was really disorienting. Fortunately, I don’t normally do that if I’m driving, but it’s still a little scary how out of touch with “reality” I can get.

Now, if I could only get those vivid scenes down on paper – or pixels.


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