It’s Over! The Week Is Over!

This has been one of those weeks and I am so glad it’s over. (I think I may have discovered the real meaning of “week end.”)

Demon Dog has been reluctant to use his hindquarters this week, especially to go upstairs, and really growly about having them touched, even lightly. He even snapped at the other dog because she was going past him when he stood up and it hurt him to stand. (He even snapped at me when I was trying to help him go up the stairs from the basement.)

The vet gave us some pills (Deramaxx) for him that I picked up on my way home on Tuesday. I gave him a dose (half a pill) and put the bottle down. It’s a once-a-day medication so on Wednesday when I got home from work I went to give him the next dose and the bottle was nowhere to be found. I did everything but tear the kitchen cabinets off the walls but there was no sign of it.

So yesterday I called the vet and explained what happened and stopped after work (my car now thinks we go there on the way home) and they gave me some samples. I still haven’t found the original bottle.

Today he had an appointment, so of course he was walking fine, letting us scratch his butt, and conning the vet tech out of half a jar of treats, all like nothing was ever wrong. The vet did get to see some tremors in his leg muscles, though, and I had videos of it as well to show her.

We came home and the plan was for my roommate to take him into the house and crate him and then we’d go for supper.

Unfortunately, my car had other ideas; the front passenger door wouldn’t unlock so she was trapped. I gave her my AAA card to call and get someone to rescue her, and I took him into the house…

And promptly fell up the steps to the front porch and got my face stuck on the top of a garbage can, all while having Demon Dog on a leash keeping an entirely too watchful of an eye on neighbors unloading groceries. (No one would ever believe that if I put it in a novel.) (Hey, I worked hard for the nickname “Crash.”)

But at least I did it today when it was warm and dry instead of tomorrow when it’s going to be cold and snowing. (We have a winter weather advisory.)

(And my roommate managed to extricate herself by crawling over to the driver’s side to get out, but by then I was back on my feet and opening the door.)

So now tomorrow I have to call the garage and see if they can get me in on Wednesday (which is supposed to be my day off but I’m working that morning) to fix the lock.

And, to top it all off, it’s Change the Clocks weekend. (I could have sworn we just did that…)

On a brighter note, I have lots of hot chocolate mix and no plans to go anywhere until Monday, and lots of things I can do without having to move around too much, so I’m all set.

Unless I fall down the stairs…


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  1. Watch your step, especially if Demon Dog is feeling annoyed. (hugs) Enjoy the hot chocolate. Here’s hoping you’ll find satisfaction and fulfillment in finishing some of that work. (more hugs)

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