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Too Much Time?

The stomach virus is still hanging on. My legs hurt from so many trips down and up the stairs. (Our bathroom is in the basement. Don’t look at me – I didn’t design the place. It was built in 1920 (long before my time) so we’re pretty much just glad it has indoor plumbing.)

On a brighter note, I am at least feeling hungry now, even though I’m not entirely sure that food is my friend.

And I’ve been keeping up with my 100 words per day. I need to step back and reread what I’ve got going on in Song and Shadow, though; I kind of feel like I’m losing the thread of the current scene/situation.

Of course, that can happen to me in longer writing stretches, too, so I can’t blame it just on the hundred-word spurts.

I need to finish something. Anything. I have so many Works in Progress that I feel like I’m not making any progress. With so many things so close to being done I’m beginning to wonder if maybe I should put Song and Shadow aside and focus on one of them.

And the Academy of the Accord series is calling again…

See what happens when I have too much time off? I start thinking about tackling the world. Or at least my writing backlog.

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