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Weekend vs Weekday

Why are weeks so long and weekends so short? I swear there’s some sort of time warp involved: a weekday/workday lasts at least 36 hours and the weekend is gone in a blink.

On the other hand, I had a fairly productive weekend. I got all of the “must dos” off of my “list of things to do.” The rest of the things can be chipped away at during the week.

One of the “must dos” was something I was putting off – and it turned out to take no time at all. Isn’t that always the way?

The modem/router experiment worked so tomorrow I’ll call the phone company to cancel my service. (Getting through to customer service anywhere on a Monday is a lesson in frustration tolerance.)

And in the good news front, I got a call from my staffing agency and they may have a nurse to take my Wednesday shifts, letting me cut down to a four day week, at least until I get some health issues sorted. Here’s hoping she takes the shift. (If she does, it’ll let me schedule some appointments, and also have an editing day. At least, that’s the plan.)

Other than that, not much is going on in my life. I’m writing a hundred or more words per day still, and have decided not to increase the goal at this time. I usually get well over the hundred words, but some nights I’m just too tired and it’s a push to do the hundred.

And tonight might be one of those nights.


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