Good Things Are Coming

It’s about time the weekend got here! I’m peopled out.

And mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted. I really need to make a chiropractor appointment but I’m not planning on leaving the house until Monday.

I’m still maintaining my 100 words a day, and usually quite a few more. I’ve been thinking of upping the goal to 150 words but I’m afraid that it would be taking on more than I have the energy for at the moment. I’m mostly working on the prequel to Song and Sword, but once in a while adding to the F/F vampire story or Wild Worker, (mostly just when I need more snippets for the weekend blog hops).

But in the good(ish) news department, I should soon (in a couple weeks, hopefully) cut down to only working four days a week. Yes, it’ll be a bit rough money-wise, but I’ve lived on less. Plus, that will be 50 less miles of commuting each week (so less gas and less wear and tear on my car), one less meal eaten out, less peopling, more time for my right knee and hip to recover from driving. (I’ll be getting Wednesdays off, so it’ll be two days on, one off, two on, two off.) And I’m going to be getting rid of my landline soon – possibly after this weekend if my experiment works out tomorrow.

I’m hoping to use the Wednesdays for editing and concordance-building, and maybe extra writing. Who know? I might even clean up the avalanche-in-waiting.


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