A Plot Bunny Has Spawned

It’s been a not-too-bad sort of week. Writing has been going well, and last night I got a text telling me that I was cancelled for today, so, since Monday is a school holiday, I have a four-day weekend, which I sincerely hope will be more productive than last weekend was.

So, four days of work this week, a four-day weekend, and four days of work next week. Not so good for the paycheck, but hopefully good for knees and hip. (Let’s just say that school buses were not built for comfort.)

I have no plans to leave the house except to go pick up Demon Dog’s pills from the vet later today. (He has to be sedated to get his nails trimmed, and last time he really fought the anesthesia, so the vet decided that needs pre-sedation sedatives. He has an appointment for Monday morning, which is my only other planned excursion into the outside world.)

(As an introvert, the outside world is vastly overrated.)

I might spend some time this weekend in search of lost objects. The Onyx Sun printout, for instance, and my fingernail clippers. Anyone care to take bets on which one I find, if either?

And I really should do something about the chaos in my craft corner.

Hmm… I think I’m seeing a new plot bunny off in the distance. A magic user of some kind who can never find what s/he is looking for, but always finds something else interesting while searching.

Because I need another plot bunny…


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