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Weekend Plans

Welcome to the weekend!

I feel like doing something creative this weekend. Something other than writing, although my 100 words a day will still happen. I’m not sure what that something creative will be, though: junk journals, crochet, counted cross stitch… I have wooden boxes and such to paint, too, should I feel the urge.

Or, you know, I could work on cleaning up the mess in my craft area: the stack of paper and such is getting ready to avalanche again.

Or maybe I’ll read and clear out some Kindle Unlimited freebies so I can download some other books that are waiting their turn – which will let me close out some tabs in Chrome.

Decisions, decisions.

All I know for sure is that we’ve had some springlike days this past week, but it’s going to be cold over the weekend, so I see lots of hot chocolate in my forecast.

(And then it’s going to warm up during the week when I have to work because of course it is. But at least the snow and ice are slowly melting away and hopefully the yard will dry out some – right now it’s a muddy mucky mess and even the dogs don’t want to go out into it.)


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