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I’m Going to Bed

Have you ever felt too tired to be alive? That’s me today.

Granted, I got to bed a little later than planned last night, and I was up an hour earlier than my alarm said I should be this morning, but it was a bright sunny warm (40s) day and I could barely keep my eyes open.

And tomorrow is going to be a long day, with little down time between bus runs, as I have an appointment for an oil change and inspection. (And I am fervently praying that it passes inspection without major issues – like new tires or new brakes.)

And, of course, now they’re calling for possible snow showers tomorrow and most of the rest of the week. (The last of the snow and ice from last week just finally melted off my car today.)

I do have to admit to being entranced by the ice on tree branches this morning. The sun was hitting just right to make them all shine so that it looked like there were diamonds glued along each branch. Winter landscapes can be breathtaking if you don’t have to be out in them.

I really should set more scenes in winter in my writing. Actually, I should just set more scenes, period. Describing where characters are and what’s going on around them just doesn’t come naturally to me. That is probably my major weakness in writing.

That, and writing while too tired to be alive…


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