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Sunday Snippet, February 6, 2022


Picking up from last week’s post from a fantasy WiP tentatively titled Wild Worker. Ciana’s father is making a delivery and she is tending the jewelry shop.

“Now, as to the materials you’ll need…” She untied another pouch from her belt and handed it to Ciana. “Use this to buy the metals and other things necessary so you’re not dipping into your father’s stock. My deal is with you, not him.”

“And who is my deal with?” Ciana asked, suddenly aware that she had no idea who the old woman was. She was fairly knowledgeable about most of the well-to-do families in the city, but she didn’t recognize her at all.

“Emella,” she replied, handing over the pouch of coins. “I think you’ll find more than you need in here, and I’m sure you’ll be able to put the rest to good use.”

Ciana wrote the woman’s name on top of the page she’d been taking notes on. “I’m pleased to meet you,” she smiled. “When do you need these?” She swept the gems into the empty pouch and tucked her notes in with them.

“Oh, no rush. I’ll be around in a fortnight or so to check on progress but take your time. And remember, this is just between us. It will go easier for you if your father doesn’t know who you’re dealing with.”

“And why is that?”



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