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Six More Weeks

Well, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, so six more weeks of this crappy weather. I only live 30 to 45 minutes from him so if anyone wants to form a posse…

School was canceled yesterday and today due to weather. I’m pretty sure that it would have been okay yesterday as it didn’t do anything but rain (the dogs were not impressed) although things might have been a little dicey this morning.)

My roommate works in a town about 25 miles away and spent the night there last night because she didn’t trust the roads.

And I have ended up with a four-day weekend which I have so far spent becoming far too addicted to Disney+. (If you have any suggestions on what to watch, hit me up with them.)

I did have a fairly productive writing day today, though. I added a little over 200 words to the F/F vampire novel that I’m working on. I’ve mostly been working on the prequel to Song and Sword, but have two other WiPs currently in rotation as well. I’m posting from them for the weekend snippet threads so have to break from it once in a while to add to them.

So, that’s where things stand at the moment. Bad roads and good writing. I guess it evens out.

But I still want to go groundhog hunting.


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