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End of the Month

Well, the only goal I managed to attain this month was writing 100 words a day.

I think the problem is that I tried to start too many new habits at one time. (That’s a really bad habit of mine and one that I need to break.) So I think that for February I’m going to just focus on the writing and whatever else happens, happens. I’ll be happy if more gets done but not disappointed if it doesn’t.

It would help if my evil day job would settle into some sort of routine. I never know what I’m doing from one week to the next – and sometimes not from one day to the next. (Come to think of it, my job is kind of like the weather here in Pennsylvania recently.)

I’m going to cut this really short tonight and apologize for the more-disjointed-than-normal rambling. I’ve been feeling really chilled the last few days, with yesterday and today being the worst so far. I simply cannot get warm.

So, I think I’ll leave you with a quote from Pashevel from today’s 100 words:

“Once you’ve drawn your sword you’ve already lost.”


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