Sunday Snippet, January 30, 2022


Picking up from last week’s post from a fantasy WiP tentatively titled Wild Worker. Ciana’s father is making a delivery and she is tending the jewelry shop.

The old woman opened the leather pouch and reached inside to pull out a raw emerald, roughly the length of her finger. Shuffling through Ciana’s sketches again she found one of leaf-shaped brooch and laid the emerald along its center line, nodding to herself.  “Can you cut and facet this to fit your design?”

Ciana nodded, her mind already seeing the finished product. “Do you want the leaf in gold?” She pulled out a sheet of paper and began taking notes, even as part of her mind wondered where the shabbily dressed old woman had come to own such a gem.

“Yes, gold.”

Ciana studied the emerald for a moment and frowned. “This might work better as a cloak pin,” she said. “I think it will be a little too heavy to be a brooch.”

“I think you may be right.” She pulled a pair of raw rubies from her pouch and matched them with another sketch, this one of interlocking rings. “Yes. A pair of rings, one gold, one silver.”

She poured the rest of the gems out of her pouch and matched up each one with one of the sketches, nodding in satisfaction as the number of gems matched the number of sketches, and laid the empty pouch on the counter. 



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2 responses to “Sunday Snippet, January 30, 2022

  1. where does she have all the gems from? Intriguing snippet!

  2. I have so many questions about this unusual customer! Very effective story telling and I enjoyed the snippet.

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