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Another Weekend, Wasted

Well, I did keep up with the hundred words a day, so that’s something, but that’s about all I did unless you count laundry.

It was a weird weekend. It kind of felt like everything was on hold, like the entire area was holding its breath for the snowstorm they were calling for. (The last reported total here was 6.7 inches, but that was when my car was cleaned off and I know there’s at least two more inches on top of it now, and the last time I had the dogs out it was snowing some more.)

Anyhow, it’s back to work tomorrow, weather permitting. And if I can get my car out of its parking place. It was shoveled out, but PennDoT is likely to come through again, plus it’s on-street parking so there are cars behind and in front of mine. And my car’s ground clearance is pretty much non-existent.

Ah, the joys of Pennsylvania winter…

Still, the dogs are enjoying the snow and I’m making slow but steady progress on Song and Shadow, so all is not lost.


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