In Process

Today has somehow managed to get away from me, and I haven’t written my hundred words yet, but I will. So far I’ve managed to write anywhere between one hundred to two hundred words a day. I’m working on two different new WiPs, but since they’re not even close genre-wise I think I’m okay.

Meanwhile, it’s only Monday and my work schedule for this week has already changed at least twice.

In other news, I found more paperwork to sort out. Okay, “found” might not be the best word as it wasn’t really lost, but I gathered it all up and brought it down here from my room to my desk. (I should have brought Onyx Sun down here, but one thing at a time. Maybe I’ll bring it down after work tomorrow.)

Slowly but surely, I’m getting organized, not that you could tell from the looks of things.

(I’m in the process of turning my bedroom into a sanctuary of sorts, for meditation, ritual/worship, etc. And sleeping. So stressful things (like bills) are being evicted.) I’d keep my writing stuff up there but it’s cold in the winter. And the bathroom is too far away. (Our bathroom is in the basement. Down and up two flights of steps is annoying (one flight is bad enough), especially if you’re really on a roll with writing.)

So, that’s where my life stands at the moment. Just like my writing, it’s a work in process.


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