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Sunday Snippet, January 9, 2022




Well, there’s been a bit of change of plans regarding the snippets I was planning to post. It seems that a new story sprouted wings in the middle of the dragon one and has taken off running, so I think I’ll switch gears and post from it, since it’s related to the dragon story (and is probably going to be a prequel to it).

The bell on the door rang and Ciana looked up from her sketches as an elderly woman entered the jewelry store. Her clothes were clean but worn, and her shoes had seen better days, but her eyes were bright and clear as she glanced around the shop.

“May I help you?”

The old woman smiled. “Is your father here, dearie?”

“No, ma’am. He’s… making a delivery.” That had been his excuse at any rate, that he had to deliver a brooch to the wife of one of the city’s councilmen. Ciana was pretty sure that he was delivering more than a piece of jewelry.





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