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Sunday Snippet, January 2, 2022



I’m back! I’m posting from a new WiP (very very rough draft so read accordingly) about a dragon and rider — told from the dragon’s POV.

Blaze paced restlessly along the ridge outside his cave, spreading his crimson wings and snapping them closed in irritation. Something was wrong in his Warding and he didn’t know what it was.

Launching himself into the air he spread his wings and stroked upward to catch a thermal, riding it to a height from which he could survey his territory.

Nothing seemed out of place, but something felt wrong. Something was not right; he could feel it in the deepest part of him. Something was missing; it was like the absence of cricket chirps or birdsong.

Swooping lower, he circled the humans’ capital city, and from there he spiraled outward, gliding over fields and farms, studying the scattered outlying villages. It was late spring, nearly summer, and the fields and forests spread out like a green patchwork quilt.

He smiled to himself at the thought of the quilt in his cave. It was the first gift he had received when he had come to take his place guarding the territory of Antano Island. The little girl who had given it to him had said that she wanted him to be warm and comfortable and to know that he was loved. The adults with her had scoffed at her gift but he had been touched and had let them know that it was his favorite of all the things they had brought to welcome him to his new home.

The quilt was, of course, far too small for him, but the meaning was large enough to cover the entire island. Briefly he wondered what had become of the little girl, and thought he should go check on her village.

With a tilt of his wings he changed direction.



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