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Sunday Snippet, May 30, 2021


I’m posting from my current writing WiP, Song and Shadow, a prequel to Song and Sword. It’s a rough draft and I still don’t have an actual outline for it so it’s going to be a fun ride. 

This month we’ll get to see Pashevel… well, let’s just say that the ways of a Bard are subtle and sharp.


“I don’t think you won any points with my father,” Hierik told him later, when the receiving line was finished.

“He didn’t win any points with me, either,” Pashevel replied with an indifferent shrug. He sobered and held Hierik’s gaze for a moment. “From what I understand we leave in the morning?”

“Yes. An early breakfast and on the road before sun up.”

“Can you be ready to leave before sundown?”

Hierik nodded. “Everything is packed and ready. The only thing left for me to do is to choose and name my traveling companion. A-are you still willing to travel with me, Your Highness?”

“Just Pashevel. And, yes. More than ever.”

Hierik tilted his head curiously but Pashevel shook his head. “Another time, Your Highness.”


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