Sunday Snippet, April 18, 2021


I’m posting from my current writing WiP, Song and Shadow, a prequel to Song and Sword. It’s a rough draft and I still don’t have an actual outline for it so it’s going to be a fun ride.

Picking up from last week’s snippet.

They leave the morning after their sixteenth birthday and must return by sundown of their eighteenth.”

“And if they do not?”

“Then they are mourned as dead and the next eldest travels in his turn. Hierik is actually not the eldest. In fact, he’s the last of the King’s legitimate heirs. The others never returned from their Travels.”

“And if Hierik does not return?”

“Then either the king produces another legitimate heir – unlikely at his age – or he promotes an illegitimate son or a grandson if any of his own get produced offspring.”

Pashevel nodded, lost in thought, not liking the suspicions that were entering his mind. 

“How many older brothers does Hierik have?”

“Six. Well, had six. And a couple sisters. His brothers are all considered dead now, whether they are or not.”

Another fanfare from the trumpets drew their attention back to the balcony.


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  1. They are some tough rules … and unlucky family members. I hope he can help.

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