Another Day, Another Bunch of Words Not Written

Cold rainy day here. Well, not really cold – cold is subjective. But it was near 80F over the weekend and never made it out of the low 50s today, and it rained, so, yeah, “cold” works, especially since I can’t get warm. (Not even the old standby of a grilled cheese and heavily peppered cream of tomato soup helped.)

But I’ll live, and tomorrow is another (supposedly drier and warmer) day.

Writing is still crawling along. I’m having trouble focusing for some reason. I want to write, and I can see the scene I’m working on, but the words just don’t seem to want to make it to the Word doc and then I get distracted… (But I’ve managed to stay off of, so that’s a plus.)

Ah, well, tomorrow is another (hopefully more focused and creative) day.

On the other hand, the second MMC in Hedge House is turning out to be pretty awesome. I mean, I knew I liked him for his skills and strengths, but he’s turning out to be more than a great body and a pretty face. He’s intelligent, sensitive, funny, confident, and most definitely not a chauvinist. (I love it when characters begin to develop beyond my expectations.)


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  1. Oh yeah, I do have those days when the pathway from brain to paper seems a little tight. But it’s good that you’re aware of these things. I too try to keep writing no matter what! Wishing you all the best with your writing journey!

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