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Good News!

My internet has supposedly been fixed. It’s supposed to rain later this week, so we shall see. The problem turned out to be that there was a cover off up on a pole, so they didn’t need to come inside after all. (I didn’t think they would.) The tech told me that 99% of the time they can fix the problem from the outside.)

He also told me that they can give me a faster internet, but in talking to him he agreed that it would be better to wait until I have a new computer as this laptop is over ten years old so probably wouldn’t benefit from it.

Anyhow, now that that’s all off of my mind, maybe I can finally focus on writing. I sure hope so because all appearances to the contrary, I really am eager to get back to it, and frustrated that I haven’t been writing

Hopefully by Friday I’ll have closed the gap at least a little because I sure haven’t done much any of the other days this month so far.

Of course, it is spring, and the yard is calling…


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