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Sunday Snippet, March 28, 2021


I’m posting from my current writing WiP, Song and Shadow, a prequel to Song and Sword. It’s a rough draft and I still don’t have an actual outline for it so it’s going to be a fun ride.

Picking up from last week’s snippet.

“His Royal Highness, King Kurtzen!” the herald announced. He stepped aside and a tall bearded man stepped through a heavy curtain and onto the balcony as a cheer went up from the crowd.

As the king waited for the crowd to quiet – and made no effort to quiet them – Pashevel assessed him. He was tall but heavier than he should be, although still managing to look regal and powerful. And he from the way he enjoyed the attention and being in the limelight he would be easy to flatter and manipulate, and Pashevel had another insight into Hierik – he couldn’t please his father because his father didn’t want to step down and yield the crown. 

“People of the realm,” the king began when the cheering had subsided. “Sixteen years ago today my wife presented me with an heir, my son, Hierik. I watched as he took his first steps as a toddler, and now I am pleased to see him take his first steps as an adult, as he begins his Passage to manhood.”


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